How do I change a field label on a quote line item?

I’m trying to change field label of the Discount field when entering and viewing line items on product quotes (see highlighted text in linked images). I couldn’t find the right field so I searched every en_us.lang.php file and changed anywere I found the label Discount. It still didn’t change these two fields. I tried changing the language file for the following modules: AOS_Quotes, AOS_Product_Quotes, AOS_Contracts, AOS_Invoices, AOS_Line_Item_Groups, Spots

How do I change these two labels?

image (edit view)
image (normal view)

the image I named “normal view” is actually the detail view.

Also, I suspect these labels I’m trying to change aren’t traditional field labels that are meant to be changed in the user interface. I think that I probably need to modify a javascript file or something to change them. Any ideas?

Solved! I just needed to do a repair and rebuild.

The field I was looking for was ‘LBL_DISCOUNT_AMT’ located in modules\AOS_Quotes\language\en_us.long.php