How change colours of a theme

Hi everyone, I want to change some colours of the “Noon” theme. Any suggestion ? For example, in the default setting of Noon titles in hover are yellow, but I want to change in green, how I can do it ? Thanks

@Nico7180 Welcome to the community!!!

Take a look to at this post for some answers:

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That article has a slightly newer version here:

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If you want to change the colour then do it by changing from below file,


@jessica1 that’s really not a good way to do it, even if it works. It’s not upgrade safe. There are better ways to customize themes.

Please elaborate more.

It’s been discussed often here, for example

:point_up: That’s for the simple styling tweaks.

And that post linked a couple of posts above is the most complete tutorial for a full custom theme creation.

Thank you, I will look into it.


Are you able to customize your style.css by putting at below location?