How can I integrate Mautic into SuiteCRM

Hello guys,

I’m trying to integrate Mautic into my SuiteCRM, but I really dont know how to do it, I’ve been following this great guide,

but I’m stuck in the third step, I cant find in mautic page that plugin manager, and this is where those keys that I created previously in my SuiteCRM needs to be put.


I successfully integrated my SuiteCRM with Mautic about 6 months ago, but only for some tests, never really used it.

I found that the integration only went one way, so I could basically use Mautic as a web-to-lead form.

Later I just realized that there was no need for Mautic, I could do it all in SuiteCRM. The new Campaigns module in 7.6.4 is a good improvement. The web-to-lead form in SuiteCRM was alo improved, now it can create Leads, Contacts and Targets (so now, they call it a web-to-person form).

I’m just curious, which Mautic features are important to you, that can’t be found in SuiteCRM?

Hi, thanks for answering, I wanted to use the web-to-person from module in SuiteCRM but the only thing I founded is Person Form, but I dont know how this works and how to integrate it to our web-page.
Can you explain it a bit?

The second thing I wanted from Mautic is this workflow thing, I know it is possible to do it in SuiteCRM, but it needs to be done with campaigns, the problem is I want to send just an email to the person who has registered to our web.

Thanks again :smiley:

The process is pretty straight-forward, it works more or less like this:

Then you get HTML to integrate in your site. That is more complicated, but your webmaster should be able to do it fairly easily.

You can send single-emails to your new leads, you don’t have to use campaigns. Just go into the Emails module.

The web-to-person form just creates the record in SuiteCRM. Then you can handle it according to your own wishes. It doesn’t look as though you need Mautic…

Thanks again for answering,

What I wanted to do in SuiteCRM is, i.e. when a contact is created i want the workflow to send him a email, if the link that contains that email is not clicked in 72 hours, send another message with another link and if this link is not clicked as well send the last email. My question is how can I do that with workflow, how can the workflow know if this link it’s clicked or it’s not.
I couldn’t find how to do that in SuiteCRM that’s why I was trying to integrate Mautic.

It is possible to do that in SuiteCRM?


Wow, Mautic can do that? Amazing. : - )

Yes, that should also be possible with SuiteCRM workflows. But I am not a user of workflows, you’ll need to wait for somebody else to come here and help you out with the details of that…

Campaign emails can have Tracker URLs so that people can click to generate some feedback (opt-out, or any other thing you need).

And Workflows can set values on the person’s record (some field saying “sent once”, “sent twice”, “sent three times”, “clicked”), and then you can test this value in later workflows.

I don’t think you can set a workflow to run “72 hours later than now”, but I think you can schedule it to run every day, and just go through every record and do something if it’s more than 72 hours since some date recorded there.

It’s probably a bit of work, but then integrating with another system (Mautic) and maintaining both is also a bit of work…

That’s some great news, I do have another question,
Can 2 or more workflows be related? For example the first workflow sends an email when the lead is created, and when 24 hours has passed I want another workflow to send a new email. This needs to be done in the same workflow or in separates workflows, if it’s the second option, how can I know if the first workflow its done?


I think it would be two separate, short-lived, workflows, but as I said, I’m not going to give you any advice on this without knowing what I’m talking about! : - )

The relationship between the two would be established by that field in the person’s record that I mentioned. The state of your long interaction (days long) with the customer is kept in his record, and each successive workflow would read from it to check what needs to be done, and then write to it to record the successive steps already taken.

Anyone else with Workflow experience care to help out here?

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Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it :smiley:

Were you able to achieve your objective using the workflow/campaign method? We’re looking into using Boomerang for Gmail however similar features can probably be done via SuiteCRM or Mautic.

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If anyone is still interested, many of the function of Mautic can be achieved either by SuiteCRM campaigns or Workflows or a combination of both.

For example, create rules:

Lead created… send email
Lead created + 7 days … send email 2
Lead created +14 days send email 3

and so on.

The benefit of mautic is all the tracking and the lead scoring. If you’re just trying to send auto emails, SuiteCRM workflows will work for you. If you want to score your leads and trigger sales events, integrating Mautic can be beneficial. The free Mautic/SugarCRM plugin works for SuiteCRM

Thanks for the tip pstevens. I haven’t tried yet but perhaps the tracking can be done in combination with Mailgun as it might be easier that way?

Where do I find the free Mautic/Sugar ?

Hi pstevens,
I’m not sure if there’s a free Sugar/Mautic integrator. I know this one is great -> Sugar/Mautic.
But if you want to try out Suite and Mautic integration I can honestly recommend this: Suite/Mautic

There seems to be according to Pstevens

The sugar/Mautic integration comes standard with Mautic. It’s a free plugin. You just have to choose sugar CE option and it works with SuiteCRM.

You have to go through a process in Mautic to install all the plugins that includes the sugar integration. You can find it in Mautic installation documents.