How can I add a personalized message in detail view?

How can I add a personalized message similar to the one that appears in the image?


In version 7 this was done by creating a logic hook that fires on after_ui_frame. This injects a script, which then consumes data from an entry point whose response is used in the message being printed by getting the dom element to print the message to.

I require the user to have this experience. What would be the correct way to do it in suitecrm 8?

Thanks in advance

Researching about it I found this post confirming that the hook after_ui_frame Logic is depreciated. With this information I understand that the way to implement this is by Setting Up a Front-End Extension Module to later add a custom widget for example. To this end I try this command which is the first one in the Setting Up a Front-End Extension Module guide.

ng g app myExt --projectRoot=extensions/my-ext/app --routing=false --style=scss

But i get this message

DEPRECATED: The 'defaultProject' workspace option has been deprecated. The project to use will be determined from the current working directory.

Error: Unknown argument: projectRoot

Angular CLI version is: Angular CLI: 14.0.4

As I read in the compatibility matrix publication, the version of Angular is 12+

How can i solve this problem?

update 0

When trying ng g app myExt --routing=false --style=scss --path=extensions/my-ext/app I get this message Error: Unknown argument: path