How to fix: Error: Unknown argument: projectRoot when trying to set up a Front-End Extension Module?

About this behavior comment about it in this post. But after several days without any comments I was encouraged to ask about it

When trying to set up a Front-End Extension Module

ng g app myExt --projectRoot=extensions/my-ext/app --routing=false --style=scss

But i get this message

DEPRECATED: The 'defaultProject' workspace option has been deprecated. The project to use will be determined from the current working directory.

Error: Unknown argument: projectRoot

Angular CLI version is: Angular CLI: 14.0.4

As I read in the compatibility matrix publication, the version of Angular is 12+

How can i solve this problem?

update 0

When trying ng g app myExt --routing=false --style=scss --path=extensions/my-ext/app I get this message Error: Unknown argument: path


Hi @mario.martinez , it could be the ng version. Look at the differences on params for ng 14 the “projectRoot” doesn’t exist.

And in the ng stable version exist.

Thanks for answering. Moving node to version ^14.15.1 as suggested in the compatibility matrix post fixes the issue.

I have also moved to version 12 of angular cli