Hosted Server Recommendations

I have hosted SuiteCRM with three services: GoDaddy, AWS/EC2 and did an install Digital Ocean (customer’s, not my account). I am looking around for the “optimum solution”.

GoDaddy has given me problems with blocking Gmail, also it’s not easy to maintain proper ownership/permission settings. AWS somewhat better - I tried Bitnami but the install offered at the time was not current.

I wanted to find out if anyone has experience/feedback for “SuiteCRM” optimized hosts, such as A2hosting, FastComent.

I would love to get any feedback on using these. I hope to be doing a number of SuiteCRM installs in the coming quarter and want to standardize my process as much as possible. Thank you in advance

I don’t have a specific recommendations, but a few warnings:

  1. make sure you have SSH access; exclude any hosting that doesn’t give you this

  2. check your ability to set values in php.ini. Shared hostings need to limit your access to this, but many do it excessively. You need some way to set at least some values there.

  3. I don’t have a good experience with very “managed” hostings like Bitnami. I think their service is good, they are competent and you get great Forums support - but it still gets too complicated to do things like PHP and MySQL upgrades. I don’t think the Bitnami model fits particularly well with SuiteCRM.

Also be aware of “hidden” limitations (allowed traffic/max. db size). Further, validate if they offer to execute crons.

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Thanks, diligent this goes on my qualifications list

Ok, that helps, thank you.

We have used Bluehost VPS for some customers and so far all is working good. In fact we became Affiliate members with them because of the same reason. Check our website on our profile if you want to gives a hand with the referral link.