Google Sign-in free plugin


I need users to use google login functionality for their authentication to CRM system.
Please suggest a free plugin should on 7.11.x version.

Any help will be highly appreciable.


Please search forum posts before you post any question.

@cherub-chum, Thank you for your reply. I would be more happy if you ask first to me that I checked that plugin or not.

I already checked that plugin and it won’t work. After installing plugin the suitecrm was down and won’t work

If you know any workable plugin than reply only.

Best to let folks know if you’d got a few that don’t work in your first post, helps to prevent duplicate posts and the likes.

A good place to look is the store here -

I’ve not personally used any of those plugins but read some of the reviews and that may help you decide. I believe most plugins have a 30-day trial period so your safe to try them. Looks like there are 2 or 3 Auth plugins there on the first page.

Let me know if you have any further questions :+1:

Hi @Mac-Rae, Thank you for suggestions.

I tried already tried that search criteria and I still not able to find a working free Google Sign-in plugin for SuiteCRM

Hmm, well im not sure how much luck you’re going to have. Hopefully, someone will bring up something we’re not seeing soon. In the meantime what where the issue you got with Cherub-chums stuff?

Hi @Mac-Rae, After installing the plugin the CRM not loaded.

Did you try opening it in incognito?

As if you haven’t set a users Email address to be the gmail address you wish to sign on with it will not load correctly.

This seemed quite interesting also, maybe worth a try.

@Mac-Rae, Thank you, I will make a try and let you know here.

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I am also looking for such tool.

Hi @Mac-Rae, I successfully installed it without making changes in any file, note sure what was exact issue.

I tried on local system, now I will check it on production clone

Nice! Let us know how well it works as I’ve not used it before. May be something to steer towards the core

Hi @Mac-Rae,

Bad news, I did not tried on production yet

Below are 2 wrong behaviors after installing on local system:

  1. On Chrome browser incognito windows the google login not working, after filling the email address and password the login popup gone and not redirected to dashboard.

2, On Firefox and Edge browsers: Google login is working but not able to logout.


Aw that is a shame, maybe @cherub-chum can give us a hand here!