Google/ Gmail Single Sign On SSO Package available

Just to share with community that Google Single Sign On is available as a Free Module which you can download from Github.

I would suggest that we make a Free Plugins/Addons Repository or Page so that the community can easily search and use these plugins.

@PGR your input would be appreciated.


I installed this today and it worked great. The only thing I’d ask is that it doesn’t sign you in automatically using the Google Account. I tested it using an account that doesn’t have an email address created in SuiteCRM and it kept trying to log in until I opened an incognito window to create that user.

Hello all,

I have just installed this plugin, now I am no more able to log in my CRM, I am always redirected to this URL : and I always have an empty page.

Do you have an idea to rollback ?


If this can help I found a Fatal error in my suitecrm.log file:

Fri Aug 17 12:17:56 2018 [19127][1][FATAL] POST: Array

Fri Aug 17 12:18:02 2018 [18797][1][FATAL] POST: Array
[google_signin_clientid] =>
[google_signin_clientsecret] => rHxxxxxxxxxx2zF
[save] => Save

I found what is going wrong.

The file ‘/custom/modules/Users/Login.php’ tries to include “recaptcha_utils.php” at line 163, this file does not exist so the login page cannot run until the end.

I have commented this line and the one which calls displayRecaptcha() and now I can log in.

Hi cherub-chum!

I am just coming back from holidays and trying to catch up.

This looks like a very nice (and generous) contribution.

One possibility would be to just include it into the main code. Or do you think it should be a plug-in?

Welcome back from vacations!

This is open source so obviously SuiteCRM can integrate this into Core. The license for the code is AGPL so someone from SA can look into this.

Ok, nice!

But we are trying very hard to avoid being the only people producing PR’s, and assessing them, and writing tests for them. We need to teach the Community how to do it so we can get the Community’s help in this very intensive work. Otherwise we would be unable to do anything else! And SalesAgility’s developers really need to be free to work on stuff like rewriting broken email code etc…

So would you be willing to try doing the PR yourself? We would of course try to be helpful leading you through the process.


it work’s but only in incognito mode… how can i fix it?

Thank you!

same problem here… it work’s only in incognito mode… have you already found solution?

Just clear the cache and it’ll work…

Hi All,

Below are 2 wrong behaviors after installing plugin on V 7.11.x:

  1. On Chrome browser incognito window the google login not working, after submitting the email address and password the login popup gone and not redirected to dashboard.

2, On Firefox and Edge browsers: Google login is working but not able to logout.


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Very nice, thank you cherub!