Global Search (Basic) Returning Duplicate Results - Same Number of "Call Logs"

After updating to 7.12.0 -

When a user does a search in the Global Search area (Top Right Header Search Box) - we’re getting duplicate results for Lead Records.

The Number of duplicates seems to be the same number of “Call Logs” in that Leads history.

Here is the Debug Log (373.0 KB)

I think the offending command/action was at: Fri Nov 5 14:29:49 2021

Any Help??


Any thoughts guys???

if you don’t want to repeat the Call log records, you can disable the Calls module from Global Search . The results are showing up because that lead name is related to the Call record.

Thanks for the feedback…however, I already have ‘calls’ disabled in the Search settings, and the result is being shown multiple times in the “Lead” Section of the search results.

It’s almost like the wrong query is running or something??

The ‘records’ are not duplicated, there is only 1 lead record, but it’s being displayed repeatedly as many times as there are call logs.

Any other thoughts??

is AOD enabled?

in scheduler, lucene index job is running?

Both the AOD Optimization and Lucene Scheduled job are running reliably on schedule.

I’m not sure where you 'turn on " AOD now a days…but I see this duplicating behavior when I select “Basic” search in the “Search Settings” Admin menu.

When I select “Basic + Advanced Search” form the menu options, the results are NOT duplicated in the Lucene search. (However, it’s a less than optimal solution since the Lucene search returns FAR more matches, and the pagination on the results page doesn’t seem to work…making it hard for users to look through all the results.

Not sure if I mentioned, but the basic search worked fine before I upgraded to the latest release.

Thanks again for the thoughts…

Since you have latest SuiteCRM, you should Use ElasticSearch as that is much more faster and recommended.

I really do appreciate your feedback…But elasticsearch seems to take a whole new server running Java etc…and is too much of a technical lift for us to deal with.

Any other thoughts??


Anyone have any thoughts on this one??


Hi @TobyTkd,

Does this happen with Basic search or just with Basic Search + Advanced?

THANKS for the response!!

It seems to only happen on Basic Search.

However, when I enable both basic and elastic, it seems the pagination is not working, so I get a huge list, that’s a bit unmanageable.

Hi @TobyTkd,

Thanks for the feedback.

Does the Tony Giannini record have any related records on the subpanels?
Could you tell me with what modules is he related with, meaning, the subpanels that have linked records and the number, please?

It ‘seems’ to me, that the search query is looping though the results ‘as many times’ as there are Call logs in his file.
If there are 5 call logs, I’ll get 5 results…and so on…all listed at the same ‘create’ time as the ‘last’ call log was made.

Thanks a million for looking into this!

Hi @TobyTkd,

I think this is a bug… it doesn’t seem to be configuration related.

Started to see it after upgrading to 7.12.1.
I’ve not been able to create a separate dev instance and test…
Was thinking of simply waiting until I can upgrade to 8.0.
Not sure how to proceed.

Hi @TobyTkd,

Ok, thank you. What version were you on before 7.12.1? Did you go to 7.12.0 first. Is just to understand when the problem was introduced.

I was on 7.12.0, then upgraded with the wizard to 7.12.1.