Getting email in SuiteCRM - help needed

Brand new to SuiteCRM. Installed on my host’s server and am in the process of setting everything up. Plan to export data from our old CRM and import into SuiteCRM over the next week.

One problem I am having is with email. We use the Apple Mail client and are not able to change (accounts are standard IMAP). I understand there is no plug-in/3rd part solution that will integrate SuiteCRM with this client.

We don’t need to have all email automatically come into SuiteCRM. We currently only place selected emails into our CRM, linked to a specific contact(s).

Two questions:

  1. Is there a way to take our existing linked emails and import them into SuiteCRM? We can easily export the data as a CSV file, similar to our other categories of data (accounts, contacts, etc.)

  2. Is there a way to get this functionality going forward with SuiteCRM either through forwarding or bcc from our current email client? They can even come in as “notes” as long as they attach to the correct client.

I realize we can cut/paste individual emails into a note. Just looking for a way to add some automation to the process.

FYI - we have no ability to write our own solution.

Thanks in advance.

That is a great question, going to watch this thread!

I’m just hoping there is something worth watching. :slight_smile: We may have to look at another solution if we can’t find a workaround for this problem.

Back to answer one of my own questions.

I exported linked emails from my current solution in CSV format. With some playing around in a spreadsheet I was able to work them into a format that could be imported to SuiteCRM as notes.

It doesn’t solve my problem for future emails once SuiteCRM is active, but it does handle past emails.

One thing I am looking at is Google integration. There seem to be a few plug-ins available that will sync Gmail with SuiteCRM. They have the added ability to sync contacts and calendar items between Google and SuiteCRM (important for my needs). If one of these plug-ins work the way I expect, we may be able to “bcc” outgoing and “forward” incoming to a gmail account that is linked to SuiteCRM.

If I am understanding things correctly, this method would allow us to use our current email client and selectively link emails to SuiteCRM. Does this make sense?