Fresh V8.0.0 install login not working

Hi people,
i just setup my new container behind a nginx reverse proxy with v8.0.0 .
The setup process went smooth and everything is fine.
But when i try to login to suitecrm it logs me out immediately.

In the console i get an error when i click login (with the right credentials)

GET 404 (Not Found)

I guess it is because of the proxy and the somehow not working mod_rewrite function
Any ideas? Did somebody solve this already?

Hi @AlexHammerschmied,

The following thread may help:

Note: Please note that nginx is not officially supported.

Thank you Clemente,
this is interesting, because i am running suitecrm on an apache server. It is just behind a reverse proxy which runs with nginx.
But the directives are actually handled by the apache server.
At least that is what i think :slight_smile:

Did someone else run into “problems” like this already?

Hi @AlexHammerschmied,

No problem : )

Haven’t heard of any issue with using nginx as reverse proxy yet.

I’m not able to help much more, sorry

in the browser console it gives me these errors:

Cookie “LEGACYSESSID” has been rejected because it is already expired.

Cookie “PHPSESSID” has been rejected because it is already expired.

Cookie “PHPSESSID” has been rejected because it is already expired.

Hi there!

I’m having the same issue, but in my case, I’m trying to deploy SuiteCRM in Kubernetes using a GKE cluster.

I’m using a LoadBalancer service type, in my case GKE’s Network LoadBalancer, and SuiteCRM 8 fails with the same issue described in the initial comment here:

GET [404 Not Found 295ms]

When attempting to log in through the load balancer, the UI will display the error: ‘Error occurred while fetching metadata’.

Another significant detail is that I have been able to log in using /legacy, and login also works normally if I access directly using kubectl port-forward instead of the load balancer.

Please see below screenshots from the failing session (through the gke load balancer), compared with the successful session (direct connection):

Session failed:

In the requests, I see the following:

  • Several Graphql 200, but the latest, requesting modStrings I see cookie LEGACYSSID deleted and empty response.
  • Graphql 301 requested userPreferences.
  • Error 404 GET

I have noticed the following differences between the successful and failed sessions:

  • Cookie “PHPSESSID” has been rejected because it is already expired. is displayed twice, while in the successful session it is only displayed once.

  • Cookie LEGACYSSID deleted in graphql response.

  • Failed session used:

    while successful call used
    GET http://localhost:8080/legacy/index.php?module=Users&action=SetTimezone

If need further details please let me know. I attempted to upload more screenshots but the website didn’t let me.

I think this happens because of a load-balancer/reverse-proxy.
I am not sure though. I gave it up to get up and running quickly and created a simple vps with apache like “in the old times”. No containers for now :frowning: