French language pack


Is suiteCRM available in french ?

Hi there,

Currently, there is no fully translated/SuiteCRM dedicated French language pack available. We welcome contributions from the community on the development of language packs.



Hi…of course the standard translation is running fine! I give it here in attached piece. Don’t use another translation.

You just have to correct the wrong expressions under Admin/Studio/… modules of your choice. 10 minutes maxi.

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there still a probleme for a noob like me, like for the event and the local who’s showing the name field and for the + sign in the top rigth corner which still in english

Je vais regarder ce soir… mais ça ne doit pas être compliqué. :slight_smile:

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The SugarCRM french pack uploaded by gips a few weeks ago works fine, of course, but only for the standard modules.
Do you have a full SuiteCRM french pack in progress ?
I saw that spanish and russian have made their way to the 7.0.2 !

If not, i may help…


Hi there,

We have had a few people mentioning that they would develop a full French translation but nothing has been contributed yet. We welcome all contributions to the project.



I’m quite new to this so excuse the questions :
How does translation works ?
It’s a list of terms to translate i suppose.
But do you have to start from scratch or can people use what has already be done for Sugar ?

Hi Majic,

It’s impossible to get a complete “already-made” translation… The objective, in Sugar and SuiteCrm, is to give you a real opened way to adapt a general CRM to your personnal activity.
If you want something simple, use vTiger… Translations are fine and easy to modify. But adapting the software to your business, you should be a dev.
For example: Google Maps module was really hard to create…They just started to implement google functions as it is already in Sugar from some years. And of course, Open source Community is just an old memory :woohoo:
Maybe, this is the reason if vTiger choosed Sugar as model…

So for SuiteCrm, go under Admin / Studio /

Choose the module you want to adapt or translate.
Select “Libellés” / Select “Tous les libellés” on the top right corner… Translate!!! :wink: (take care about the UTF8 codage)
You can also go in “Editeur de listes de choix” wich is really better to translate variables…

If you need more fine translations, go directly under your Server Directory.
You should understand there is a lot of crossed references in Sugar and sql tables. Studio is a good tool but it does not do everithing.


Hi gips,

Thanks for the modo.
Still that was not really my point. It was the possibility of a “standard” SuiteCRM french version, delivered within the package as Spanish and Russian are in the last version, or as a module.
Wich means translation of the non-sugar modules, that may exist, i don’t know, grouped with the already-made sugarcrm translation, if legally possible.

It’s of everybody’s interest, at least french speaking, no ?

After that, if adaptation of the modules are made, supplemental translations are to be made also, of course !


Is the french language pack up and running?

If it is in progress, is there a place where we can contribute to the project? I am ready and willing!



Hi Joseph,

i had no answers after my last post… so i suppose not :frowning:

OK’ now we know that nothing is happening.

So, is the SuiteCRM staff equipped with an online tool that allows the community to pitch in and translate the language files? Some open source projects have a simple online site that allows community members to translate things.

Does this exist? It woudl allow the community to pitch in, and not have the need for 1 person or a group to coordinate anything. It woudl be done online.

Or, must we go it alone?

Btw, will we need different versions of French? France? Quebec? Autre?



I don’t think there is anything like a SuiteCRM translation tool since SugarCRM has it’s own… quite useful !
And, as a result, the translation takes place in a php file (or php files ? i didn’t check).

In my particular case, i managed my own traduction since i had to show rapidly a “french” version to a prospect. So i used the SugarCRM translation facilities and it worked good enough.
Now the prospect is becoming a customer (my first with SuiteCRM, champagne !) but in the meantime SuiteCRM 7.1 has been launched (without “official” french translation…), so i will probably have to do some translation again.

My thoughts at this point :

  • I don’t know how to package a “french” SuiteCRM module (like the french SugarCRM module)
  • SalesAgility has a fast version-release plan, bringing fast obsolescence of translated version
  • They remains silent about our subject (they have undoubtedly more important stuff in their agenda, but still !)

It brought me to wait for SalesAgility to move…

Hello all,

I am looking for others who are needing a French language module.

I am looking for others who have started a French language module.

I am looking for the SuiteCRM people to let us know what they know on how to facilitate translating the language pack, and of others trying to translate it.

I want to gather a group to do this.

Please respond here.

Please send me an email so that we can get organized offline if needed.



joe (at)

Hi Joe,

I don’t believe there is a full French language pack for SuiteCRM, so it would be great to see another language pack developed for SuiteCRM.



Hello Will,

I agree with you.

But, are there any tools available SuiteCRM or SugarCRM to allow a team of people work on the translation together?

This is what I asked in my original post, but you did not answer the question. I ask again to let me know of other options out there to make it easier to transalte it an din turn, share more translations with other.

With out this, coordinating a translation is challenging.

You can point us to making ways to make it easier?

SugarCRM has French available? We can use theirs as a starting base?


Hello again Will,

This is great that you want us to work on a new language for the language pack

Are there any tools to make ti easier to collaborate with other users and do this in one central location online?

I will definitely contribute. But, I want to be able to easily collaborate with others to make translations easier.

I await your reply.


Use Transifex online localization platform.
French is now 87 done!
See here:

Hi all,

Busy with a new install, i needed a french and dutch translation. after reading this topic, I registered in help.
My question is : After a few translation, i met visibly field label code (i.e.:LBL_LIST_WEBSITE) untranslated. Is this volontarilly (temporarily?) left empty ? or may I simply copy/paste the “label” ?

Thanks in advance for your advice.