First SuiteCRM instance: Windows or Linux for MSP IT Business

Hi All,

It is a pleasure to be here with you. I will be outsourcing the development of my SuiteCRM but will be using my own hardware and software in my office. If you were starting out from the beginning which OS and version would you start out with? 5 users to start will access remotely.

I know Windows but I am alarmed at the potential for Windows updates breaking my instance.

I don’t know linux at all but know SSH and I am aware of security issues. I will outsource much of this work.

Would you start with Windows or Linux and why do you prefer it?

Want to start off right. I have a managed services IT practice and will rely on CRM VERY heavily for all communication from marketing, sales, operations, and delivery.

Have a great day and stay safe.



Welcome to community!

If you know ssh I don’t understand how you don’t know Linux.

Linux only. There are don’t have so a lot of problem with security as in Windows.

SuiteCRM is far better tested on Linux than on Windows. The entire development team and 97% of the Community is on Linux (Ubuntu, more specifically). For SuiteCRM, Linux is definitely a better option.

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I would recommend any *nix based OS but Linux and Ubuntu have been doing really well in terms of security and the ease of management that we need to the CRM to run. The security is pretty much tight and its not that some will breach the system right away as soon as you put it on the internet, its better than Windows at least.

Try checking out Forums for previous recommendations about Hosting and Server OS and you will find some good options.

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Thank you everyone for your sharing your recommendation. My SSH has been limited to WAN /LAN switches, routers, and device controllers.

I’m a little nervous about learning a new command line OS but I’m sure 90% of what I need to learn is here already or online.

Disaster recovery will be my first foray after my initial build as this will be a mission critical app for my business.

thank you all so much for the warm welcome.


I have a couple of posts about hosting Linux from Windows, and about issues like Disaster recovery etc

You mention Bitnami in another post. While I respect Bitnami and have positive memories of their support, I tend to dislike it for SuiteCRM since it makes PHP and DB upgrades really hard to do. I find Administration on plain Ubuntu to be much more hassle-free.

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Thank you for your kind direction so I can begin the right way. Especially I appreciate the benefit of using Hyper V replication over hosting. Now to find out how to host an Apache server on Ubuntu VM as well to mirror your setup. It’ll be worth the effort I’m sure later.


On Ubuntu Server, there’s a package called lamp-server which sets up the entire stack for you.

Then I normally use these other packages / PHP modules:

apt install zip unzip iotop htop php-mbstring php7.3-mbstring php-gettext php7.3-xml php7.3-zip php7.3-imap php7.3-gd php7.3-curl php7.3-intl php7.3-mysql php-gd phpmyadmin 

This will vary according to PHP version, but 7.3 is what I’d recommend for now.

And this older post will give you the general map of what is needed:



This above and beyond what I imagined would happen. You just saved me hours of r/d trial and error.

Your kindness will be remembered for a long time. I am floored by such kindness.

Thank you


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if you need step by step installation help ,
here you can do.

Moreover , as you will definitely need http over SSL very soon ( https), this link will help you.

Please do not hesitate to reach me if you need any assistance!

Ashish Dwivedi ( CTO at Outright Store).
Grab Free Extensions :

Wanted to follow up on how the install went. First of all I would like to give a warm thank you to pgr and cherub-chum for your sage guidance and wanted to share a few findings.

Here is the detailed install document that I used after following the fine start by pgr here installing on ubuntu 16.04.1.
I installed SuiteCRM 11.20 on Ubuntu Server 20.04 but just changed the download location and folder creation from 11.18 to 11.20 .

As a intermediate step to pgr’s fantastic idea of standing up 2 Hyper V servers with replication using seperate VM’s for webserver and the database I created Hyper 4 VM’s, on my laptop, 2 for development and 2 for production to get it working before I move it to a standalone server.

It is critical to update your Windows host file to match the domain name in /etc/apache2/sites-available/suitecrm.conf and to update /etc/hosts to match it as well or you will receive a 404 file not found error. That made me scratch my head for quite a bit. Actually scream, its been more than a decade since I had to touch a windows host file.

Out of thanks I would like to provide my script to create the VM’s quickly here.

$VMName = 'servername'
$VHDName = '{0}.vhdx' -f $VMName
$VMStoragePath = 'folderonyourPC'
$VHDStoragePath = Join-Path -Path 'folderonyourPC\folderforHDstorage' -ChildPath $VHDName
#$UbuntuISOPath = 'locationofUbuntuServerISO'

New-VM -Name $VMName -MemoryStartupBytes 1024Mb -SwitchName piotek -BootDevice CD -Path $VMStoragePath -Generation 1 -NoVHD
Set-VMMemory -VMName $VMName -DynamicMemoryEnabled $true -MinimumBytes 1024MB -MaximumBytes 2GB
Set-VMProcessor -VMName $VMName -Count 2
New-VHD -Path $VHDStoragePath -SizeBytes 20GB -Dynamic -BlockSizeBytes 1MB
Add-VMHardDiskDrive -VMName $VMName -ControllerType IDE -ControllerNumber 0 -ControllerLocation 0 -Path $VHDStoragePath
Set-VMDvdDrive -VMName $VMName -ControllerNumber 1 -ControllerLocation 0 -Path $UbuntuISOPath

Now if the worst happens I can recreate the SuiteCRM server in 30 minutes. It was a steep learning curve but the rewards are great in linux.

Thank you again pgr and cherub-chum for helping me get this thing up and running as this is my first foray into Linux. After I learn how to add a certificate and manage ssh keys then I can open it up on the internet for use. I also plan to run mautic and freepbx on the same Hyper V. Compared with the salesforce, mailchimp, hosting fees, and Ring Central bundled together open source is saving me $5000 + a year! With AT&T fiber just installed in my area now is the time.

Thank you again.


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