Filter by group in cases

I’m testing the SuiteCRM-7.11.17 on CentOS 7.8 with Apache v2.4.6, php v7.2.34 and Mysql v5.6.49.

I am using the Security Suite (Groups) module, to create several groups, but when viewing the cases, it does not appear to filter by group.

How do I filter cases by group?

for example:

User1 assigned -> | Team1

User2 assigned -> | Team1

UserN assigned -> | Team2

User1 wants to see all tickets belonging to his team, Team1.

Hi @Leonardospeed2,

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Your question is similar to a previous post. Please check my response here:



Hi @BrozTechnologies,

Thanks for the answer, but it doesn’t make sense, if there is a relationship in the tables like “Assigned to”, why doesn’t the groups relationship appear?


The field Assigned to is for a particular user. You also need to play around with the Security Groups in order to see the results you want.

When a user creates a record (in any module), the system will assign the security group from that user to the record. But is you haven’t created and assigned any security group to the user, your records won’t have any security group either.

I’ll recommend you to take a close look on how all that works by reading the documentation here:

Hope it helps you to get a better ides on how it works.