Facing Internal Server Error while installing Cent OS

I’ve installed this on a cpanel shared server. I get permissions problems with the “undefined” everywhere, but it does install. Now I’m trying to install this on a domain under the new (and completely awesomely free) web panel by centos. I believe I’ve sorted the permissions problems but I can’t check because I’m getting an internal server error and nothing else.

And I using PHP 5.5 in case it helps.

Which PHP 5.5? If it’s below 5.5.9 it’s not enough for the latest SuiteCRM.

Which SuiteCRM version is this, BTW?


Hi, I was using php 5.5.8 and SuiteCRM 7.10.10, i guess.

This is a very common error and the solution is also very easy you can just clear your browsing history or cache memory and enjoy your surfing.

This is a very common error and the solution is also very easy you can just clear your browsing history or cache memory and restart your browser will fix this issue a lot.

Hi, I’ve already tried it but the it didn’t work. I even uninstalled and reinstalled my Chrome Browser.

Have you upgraded your PHP to a supported version?

Yes Sir. I have upgraded it but I don’t think it is helping :frowning:

Check your php.ini, add generous values for these settings:


While you’re there, enable your PHP error log, check its name and path, and then see if there is any error there at the time of the “Internal server error”

Hi, I added these values -

memory_limit - 256M
max_execution_time - 180
max_post_size - 32M
max_upload_size - 64M

memory_limit = 512MB is better than 256MB, if possible

And then you restarted your web server, and then… did it work?

If not, please check your logs like I mentioned earlier. Thanks

Okay, I’ll try to update it.

Sir, Have you Check Corrupt .htaccess File?

No I haven’t. Thanks for suggesting it, I’ll try it now.

I couldn’t find anything wrong with the htaccess file. It contacted the Customer Support. They said that the htaccess file in my hosting is unchanged.

Hi, Alex, can you look into /var/log/privacyidea/privacyidea.log?
I remember that errors in that log might result in “500 internal server error”.

Is he using PrivacyIdea?

The two logs he should surely be checking are

php_errors.log (or whatever it is called, as defined in php.ini)


As @pgr suggested, you should increase the memory_limit = 512MB is better than 256MB, if possible.

Also, if you’re still facing the issue, then it might be the Dreaded Ntoskrnl.exe BSOD Error. You can try the following fixes:



Do let me know if this works.

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Then, install the required packages install fresh CentOS install Apache and PHP first
Install Packages:
yum install httpd php php-cli gcc glibc glibc-common gd gd-devel net-snmp
Start Services:
service httpd start

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Thank you so much. Both of you. It really helped me fix the error.