ETA on Calculated and Hidden fields

I’m working on switching over my clients to SuiteCRM (love the new version by the way), and they are asking about when those two features will be available? Is there a rough ETA as yet? I couldn’t find anything in the forums other than the suggestions.


No current ETA on these features and they are not currently on the roadmap.

We will keep you updated on if these make it into release plans or roadmaps.



It would be great if this project was to get enough traction so that not all feature requests were directed at SalesAgility personnel, who are clearly working overtime and still overloaded.

Other people should be developing for this (I’m on the learning curve, but I hope to get there one day).

May I suggest, for this feature, which seems to be in high demand, that perhaps someone who really knows the code (possibly from SalesAgility) could just write up a draft description of what it would take to get this done? You know, just so other people could realize how big the challenge is, which skills it would require, roughly how many man/hours, etc.?

I mean, SalesAgility folks could try teasing other developers/companies into contributing code.