Employees Module Confusion

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I’m sorry but I wasn’t able to find a thread that properly answers this…

We have several non-admin users with varying degrees of access.
All of them can see “Employees” under their name in the top-right corner.
When they click on this they are told that they don’t have access.

Also when they view Leads, etc they can see the user and it’s clickable.
When they click on the user they are told that they don’t have access.

My question is why does the “Employees” link appear and why are the users clickable for non-admins with no access? I’ve not messed with any settings so this is how SuiteCRM is out of the box.

(For larger organisations I guess it would be good if non-admin users could be given read only access to all the Employee records so they can find which department they work in, contact info, etc.)



You need to tune up your roles.

Check here for more information:



You can check the live demo, the Employees list works fine:

demo.suiteondemand.com (user: will, pass: will)

That Will is not an admin user

Hi, I saw threads saying that the roles didn’t have any way of changing access levels to Employees for non-admins.

What am I overlooking?



I’m running on version 7.11.8. Looking at the changelog it mentions something about Employees not showing in ACL List. So do you reckon that could be my issue? I need to update SuiteCRM so I can set the Access.

I’ve used softaculous.com to load an admin demo on version 7.11.11. The option to set Employee access is there so it’s definitely a bug that’s been fixed. I simply need to backup and update.

Excellent that I wasn’t going insane. :slight_smile:

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Hi @nssimpson,

Yes a bug regarding this was fixed within 7.11.10. Please avoid upgrading to 7.11.11 for now, check here for more info.