Email Template for Password Management

I had posted this same issue in the forum (Unable to Reset User Passwords) but i haven’t gotten a response. See the error below as well:

I need help with the email template or the variable that generates the link that the user will click on.

Please i need this urgently.


Hey, are you still needing assistance with this?

I’ve done a fresh install of 7.11.15 and it seems to have come with the password email templates.
However, here are the useful template values I could see:

Forgotten Password link:

User’s username:

Auto-generated Password for User:

2FA code:

You should be able to add the above variables to the appropriate Template, (or add them to a new Email Template), and select that template in Admin->Password Management

Hi thanks for your response.

So far the username worked but the forgotten password link that was generated ( gave the error attached:

Is there anything i’m missing?

hmm, I’m not too sure what could be causing that.
I’ve had a look around, and it seems like its caused by some sort of connection issue.

I found a post in the bitnami community which notes that a firewall has brought a similar error:

Is there perhaps a firewall of sorts that could be intercepting this connection on your end?

Alternatively, does this issue occur if you try it on another browser?