Email Template - Body is blank

I have seen this been asked before

I have updated to latest 7.11.15

issue still exists

when sending emails from a template set to PLAIN TEXT only there is no body text

can someone please advise what to change to make this work!

Hi, welcome to the Community :tada:

It would help if you specified exactly from which screen and which option you’re trying to send the templated email… there are several places.

Also, why are you looking for a plain text option? Is it because you want to send a plain text, non-html email? Or is it because you’re trying to get your template to be used exactly as you’re giving it to SuiteCRM, but you want it to go out as an HTML email?

its mainly i am trying to make a workflow send a email but it has to be plain text

Under email-templates i have left the HTML section blank and ticked send plain text entered what is needed in the text box below HTML entires but it sends a blank email

I just started this survey, would you mind replying there? Thanks!

refer this link

it has email bug fixing . hope you fiund your solutions

I Saw this but was a little concerned due to the age of the article

would the changes be compatible in the latest version

i think you shold download the code bcoz i got fixed my bug from this . so you can try