Survey: do you send emails out as plain text ❓

Hi everyone. I’ve working on the email templates screens for an add-on I’m building.

These screens tend to be very complicated and are currently very buggy. Part of my work has been to fix the screens before I can use them properly for any advanced templating.

Typically the two screens (Emails module/Compose and Email templates module/Edit view) include an option to specify emails in Plain text.

I don’t think that anybody sends emails in plain text in 2020, and I’m thinking of removing it altogether… but I could be wrong.

  1. Do you use plain text emails?

  2. Why?

  3. How?

  4. [complete the sentence] You’d like to stop using them if only…

Thanks for your replies!

I use plain text for all important emails due to customers have stupid restrictions on filters etc…

I was using a 3rd party application that only likes to receive plain text… this is why i i require plain text out of SuiteCRM

Removing Plain Text would be a bad idea due to you never know when you may need it !

I fully agree with Galactic and support his issues

Thanks for the answers - and don’t worry, I don’t plan to remove useful features without asking (that’s what this thread is for) :slight_smile:

But I would appreciate more specific answers to my questions. I would like to understand why, The reason I’m asking is because there might be other things that, if improved, remove the need for plain text emails, and make much more sense.

An example of this: which “stupid restrictions” do these customers enforce? What if they’re not that stupid, and all we need is better, more compliant, HTML emails? Because email is really tough to get right. But many of these problems have already been solved before, and all we need to do is integrate these solutions into SuiteCRM (for example, inlining every bit of CSS in the email).


Anyone else? I’d really like to get a few complete replies here answering all my questions… thanks!

I was surprised when apple remove email templates from they mail program 2 year ago. Peoples don’t use templates now. I think that to use templates actually for marketing or support departments for mailing of letters.

The templates use into CRM or another system usualy. If we speek about SuiteCRM i think that it’s actual question for Support and Serices.

Sorry, I don’t understand - do you mean templates, or plain-text emails?

Sorry may be it’s problem with my English. I wrote about templates.

First, I’m not sure if this exists or not, but I am looking for a way to toggle the TinyMCE editor from RichText to Plain Text; as a simple text email looks ‘spammy’ as RichText.

Secondly, there are plenty of spam filters, mail server settings, mail clients, and user preferences that would be greatly impacted by not receiving plain text emails.

Thirdly, it is becoming a marketing trend to send plain text marketing emails as they have a higher open rate than HTML emails, users now know that pretty emails are always sales for the gap and easily dismissed as junk/spam.