Email inbox suddenly not loading?

So suddenly email page with the inbox is not loading. I checked the browser dev console and it doesn’t display any errors.

Anyone have a clue to why this happen/could happen? :thinking:

Thanks a bunch in advance! :smirk:


Maybe buttons “Clear” and after that “Search” in filters to help you.

Thanks for the suggestion. :+1:
It was the first thing I actually did and attempted to clear any filters. Unfortunately it didn’t work.

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Server-side logs have any clues?


If all filters is clean you shouldn’t see the message.

I haven’t had time to check them yet to be honest. But i guess i will have to check them.

Well the filters are clean. Pretty certain of that. But i can of course recheck.

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Well there is a ton of errors in the log:

Not sure how to fix them really and if anyof them is related to the email view part.
Thank a lot in advance. @pgr @p.konetskiy

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Which version PHP do you use? I look at information about the problem. The problem appears if you use version 7.4. You can find a lot information in different forums.

I did change to version PHP 7.4 a few days ago. I did test and reverted back to PHP 7.3 but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

I can try go go back again. Should I use version 7.3 or 7.2 instead?

Thanks! :smirk:

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This is how it looks. Now with PHP version 7.3

The email is just blank and it is pretty strange. I has worked fine for at least 10 months now since I installed it, if not more. Clearing filters does nothing because I never set one. I did try anyway just for the sake of it. But it has no effect.

Maybe this happened when I changed to PHP 7.4…
I don’t know for certain. :thinking:

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As I know SuiteCRM doesn’t save all letters. It is reading them directly by IMAP. If you worked with some letters it saved in special table.

  1. Check IMAP config.
  2. Look at the table emails_text in database. This table contains letters which you manipulated with.

Try a few repairs from Admin / Repair. Maybe the time you spent on PHP 7.4 broke something, hopefully one of the various repairs will fix things.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. :smiley:

I´ll try to do the repair first and hope that will fix it.

I’ll hope it will work. :pray:

Kind regards.

hmm this is weird, (but good). I logged into the system today and suddenly it started to load the email inbox again for no reason. Not complaining about it though… :joy_cat:

But it is of course sort of strange and since it is working again it is also a bit hard to figure out why it did that in the firs place. But as you guys mentioned I did upgrade to PHP 7.4 and then downgraded that to PHP 7.3. Maybe that did it…

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