Email Drip Campaign

Looking for a programmer that can add email drip campaign functionality to Suite CRM. I am looking for various timed emails to be sent based on Client Type and certain touch emails to be sent based on Contact Status drop down. I would like the ability to change the content of the emails being sent myself. Please contact me, or call me at 858-342-2830. Barry Diamond


Please check the below plugin it can manage the drip email campaign on SuiteCRM.

Thank You!

I love SuiteCRM for “CRM” but for drip campaigns, Mautic (another free open source software) handles is properly. It also has a plugin that integrates with SuiteCRM. You can sync contacts and leads back and forth as well as push new records between the two.

You can also set up kind of “drip” campaign with Workflow. ie: lead created + 5 days… send email A, lead created +10 days… send email B, etc. It works but is kind of cumbersome if you have lots of emails to send to various segments.