Email Drip Campaign or Email Nurturing - How to, workflow or plugin?

This is an email marketing strategy that carries sets of emails that are scheduled to go out to the lead over a period of time, usually releated to buying cycle.

In an example, a user finds a piece of content related to business services. User completes form to notify interest in finding out more. Email 1 is sent out immediatly. Email 2 is then sent out the in the next day or two. Email 3 is sent day 5 and sales team then contact after this period.

How would one go about setting up this kind of schedule? Do I need to purchase a plugin?

I currently already have an email automatically going out, a thank you email, when a user completes a form after the details are registered in the crm via web2lead.

After looking at this item in the workflow, and duplicating it, I dont seem to see options for +1 day, +3day, +5days etc or a way to configure this.

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This already exists in the Workflow Conditions. Please test on any DATE field.

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There are two ways to go about drip marketing with SuiteCRM. I’ve tried both. The first method is to use workflow to time emails. So basically you set the workflow to trigger on leads 5 days old (lets say for example) then another workflow that triggers after 10 days from lead creation, etc. If you don’t have a very complex drip campaign this will work fine.

However, if you have a complex drip campaign with multiple streams and conditional actions, the above approach while possible can get extremely confusing to manage. I personally use Mautic to do my drip marketing and use SuiteCRM to send out action based emails. So for example, a quote follow up email I would send from workflow in SuiteCRM. All my drip marketing stuff for new leads I send through Mautic. Mautic is free an open source just like SuiteCRM and there is a free integration plugin to push leads and contacts back and forth as well as sync contacts. Once set up this is a superior solution for drip marketing. You also get all the web tracking features of Mautic. So I also score leads based on web site visits, form fills and email opens. I then push that score back to SuiteCRM so I know who my hottest leads are.

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Thank you @pstevens for your detailed reply!

I have now looked at Mautic - I like the visual tree style campaign workflow. I will try to get a couple of emails setup in SuiteCRM to see how it can handle things but perhaps in the future I will also get Mautic.

Whats the integration plugin you mentioned, and how would that work please? (how does it communicate details back and fourth between SuiteCRM and Mautic?)

Thank you @cherub-chum :slight_smile:

Mautic comes with free plugins. One is a sugarcrm integration. You basically just match the fields and it syncs everything and pushes leads back and forth.

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So the sugarcrm-plugin in mautic will also work with suitecrm? Do you think this will also work with suitecrm version 8?

I thought that I have to use for this.

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Yes absolutely it works with SuiteCRM. I’m not sure about version 8 as I haven’t tried that yet, but it works great with all current versions. You can use the plugin that comes with Mautic. It’s not perfect, there are a few bugs but I’ve been using it for a few years now. Sync works perfectly and it adds new leads back and forth. The only issue is a couple of releases back they broke something to push a single lead. Not really a big deal since it “syncs” them anyway and creates new records on both sides.

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Now then, 9 months later and I’m actually trying to implement this :rofl:

This is what I’ve added.

Because it doesnt work yet in my case.

Process Audit is a nice touch, I get to see whats being triggered. But the rules I created above dont trigger.

What is ‘Repeated Runs’ and do I need to use ‘Run On: All Records’ in this case?

I have now tried ‘Run On: All Records’ and ‘Repeated Runs’ to no avail.

Anyone know what I’m missing please? Why isnt this working?

Now I think my logic is wrong… how about this?

Now I’ve tried the above “Date Created = Now - 1 Minutes” but still doesnt trigger.

Last try, is my logic right? Seems right to me…
If Date Modified = Now - 10 Minutes Then Action
If it was modified 10 minutes ago then do somthing, right?

I need your help please, thank you.

Oops, I changed my domain and didnt update the cron. It works fine. :smiley:

Sends out 10minutes later.