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I am trying to identify contacts/opportunities related to an email using a workflow, but I understand that emails are only ‘implicitly’ associated with contacts, as explained here:

As a result, it seems I can not detect when an email is associated with a contact/opp, as it is not automatically explicitly related.

Is there a way to conditionally identify emails that are implicitly attached to contacts? How is this relationship stored in the database?


I think this might be what you’re looking for

but it hasn’t been merged yet, in fact it seems to be stalled for a long time…

Thanks, appreciate the information!

In the meantime, I wonder if there is any way to identify the association between these contacts/opps and the emails? Do you have any idea how this implicit relationship is stored? I feel like it must be stored somewhere if the emails are able to show up under History on the Opp/Contact pages?

What do you mean by “implicit relationship”? Please be specific about the sequence of actions, the screens you’re talking about etc. I can try to look for it if I understand better what you’re talking about.

So these emails are automatically implicitly associated with a contact record that matches the email address, as per the article below.
I notice they appear in the history module on the contact page, and on the opp page for opps associated with the contact, but they are not actually related to the email, as the related to field is blank on the email.

" Emails in Sugar are implicitly related to records in Sugar that match an email address in the From, To, or Cc fields in the email. This implicit relationship is made for emails sent from Sugar as well as emails archived in Sugar via incoming email accounts or the Sugar Email Archiving service. Implicitly related emails will show in the Emails subpanel and History dashlet of the related record.

While composing an email, users can set an explicit relationship via the Relates To field. This allows the user to relate the email to a Sugar record regardless of whether the record contains an email address related to the email."

From I what I read there, it seems that the implicit relationship is simply a match of email address at the time the Activities subpanel is about to show. I think it’s just an SQL query picking up any emails from and to that email address.

I don’t think you’ll find any other sign of this in the database…

Opp page- emails are shown as archived under history. Also shown like this on contact page.

Email page - note that related to field is blank, but opportunity is shown at bottom. For some reason the contact isn’t, though it shows up on the contact page.

Got it, thanks a lot. So I guess the only possible solution would be running my own query somewhere…

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