Email Campaigns Auto Unsubscribing?

Every time I delve into email Campaigns I find something else that either is not working, or just don’t understand. Grr. It’s so complicated!

I managed to create the campaign, and send out the test entries. Then for some reason, when I send to my gmail address it automatically unsubscribes me. I got the email, opened it, it tracked the open, then without clicking on the unsubscribe link, it unsubscribed me.

Is this something unique to gmail? Or is something else going on? Anyone ever experienced this?

What suite V are you using?

@dhuntress this particular installation is on 7.13.1

I should probably add, that my other email address test went fine. It was only gmail. I then un-opted out myself. Sent the test again, and it opted me out again.

Is it really “unsubscribing” you, deleting your address from the database or from the Target list? Or just not sending you any email?

It sounds like you’re simply hitting the mechanism that suppresses sending the same email twice to the same address. This won’t happen on test target lists, but will on the other kinds of target lists.

Thanks @pgr sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words:


I did in fact receive the email, opened it, but did not click on the unsubscribe link. It did track the open.

I see.

Isn’t there a generic, per-user opt-out option somewhere? I mean, something not tied to the Campaign, but to the user/Contact. Note that you might have more than one record in the CRM using that email since you probably keep using it for tests. This might be confusing SuiteCRM.

I would also suggest adding some logging to check if the code in modules/Campaigns/RemoveMe.php is being executed.

Thanks @pgr, I’ll have a look. This is the only one of that email address I have. I was using my business email and that seems to work fine. It’s only gmail that auto unsubscribes. I wonder if this is something unique to gmail, if they are crawling the links or something?

I’ve heard of this before, it’s certainly possible.

Try my suggestion of checking if Removeme.php is getting called. If it is, the next step would be to try differentiate automatic calls from human calls. This is not always possible, but I woulnd’t be surprised if the User Agent on the request was different.