Email Campaign Stuck in Email Queue?

Any idea what is causing some of my emails to get stuck in the email queue, for my email campaign?

I had a target (default) list of 50 email addresses/targets, and only 29 of them were sent, leaving 21 in the queue.

When I go to campaign details I can see them in the queue. Also checked admin/email queue and there they are. I tried to select Send Queued Campaign Emails, but nothing seems to happen. It looks like a checkmark is selected for all the emails, for in process.

My scheduler is running, the send date/time has been passed, and I tried selecting Send Emails on the campaign, but the only thing that happens is the ones that successfully sent in the past get supressed. I did notice on a couple occassions one or two would finally make it through going through the send emails option (not the send queued option, which does nothing), but I still have a bunch left (21 of 50).

What is the best way to resolve this? Should I modify my nightly scheduler to a specific range? I tried to manually force now by making as soon as possible, but it doesn’t seem to help.

Hi gunbunny,

your SMTP server probably threw an error because the e-mail address was mis-formed, or the the domain of the e-mail address cannot be resolved. To find this out, take a look at you sugarcrm.log file that should give clues about failed sending attempts.

Direct SMTP Server error feedback is not automatically interpreted by SuiteCRM.

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That is getting me somewhere…

The following From address failed:

SMTP server error: Bad sequence of commands
[FATAL] SMTP -> ERROR: RCPT not accepted from server. Code: 550 Reply: 550-Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable
550 invalid DNS MX or A/AAAA resource record

SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: The following From address failed:

Tue Apr 28 12:25:03 2015 [1013][e7246ae5-132c-a49b-9f63-5500afc62bb9][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: SMTP Error: The following recipients failed:

So I can see error with both a targets email address, as well as our own email address. Any idea what would cause issues with our FROM email address, even though it worked for other recipients? Also, I’m not sure what the bad sequence of commands means.

How would I go about removing the problem emails so it can send to the others?

Hi gunbunny,

about the from e-mail adress: I guess that you included on the target list for the e-mail campaign. So in this case it would also be a to-address. I suppose that the local MX doesn’t know how to resolve this (it’s own?) domain due to a DNS miss-configuration.

You can go into Admin / E-mail Queue and delete any e-mails that are stuck here to make space for the other ones.

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I tested all of the 21 emails via an online email tester for validity, and 6 of the 21 were not valid. I removed them from the queue and now it sent the remaining 15. Awesome.


How can I go about having SuiteCRM move to the next email attempt so this doesn’t happen again? Meaning if some of my email addresses in future campaigns are bad, I don’t want to have to manually check logs or email checker tools to find out which are bad and would prevent the queue from sending the good emails. Especially if we had a very large campaign.

Any ideas?

Hi gunbunny,

to my knowledge the SMTP error feedback is not standardised. This implies that to implement error handling by code you would have to implement SMTP-server specific handling.

I’d suggest to make sure your data is checked before you load them into SuiteCRM.

An intermediate solution is to increase the “Number of emails sent per batch” in Admin / Campaign Email Settings so that a few invalid e-mail addresses don’t block the complete process.

Thanks for the reply. I have 200 set per batch and I had 50 emails in the list to send to. I had 6 emails that were bad that prevented 15 good ones from sending. Hopefully on larger campaigns it doesn’t cause as much trouble.

Is there an easy mass email checker to verify if they are working, vs trying them out 1 at a time?

Thanks again

That you write that 6 e-mails were preventing the other 15 ones from sending puzzles me: As long as the batch size is greater than the number of bad e-mails, they should not block the sending of the other e-mails: SuiteCRM would continue to send the other ones, which would reduce the effective batch-size by the nr. of bad e-mails.

Maybe the SMTP Server is configured to block after a nr. of invalid e-mail-address sending attempts? This situation could block the send off of other e-mails.

I don’t know a mass email checker.

Yea it was really odd, but I’m new to SuiteCRM so I didn’t know what normal operating should be.

I had 50 emails, and I noticed a bunch were stuck in the queue after some sent. After hitting send emails a few times, one or two would trickle past the queue.

I then had 21 emails that just wouldn’t send, so I did a test of all 21 emails, 6 of them being bad. Once they were removed, the remaining 15 sent fine.

I only noticed 2 or so flagged emails in the sugar.log stating issues, but I guess it could be my mail server causing the problems after one or two of them are rejected.

Hi gunbunny,

after activating a SSL-Certificate, we have the same Problem.
Do you know a Solution?

thx and kind regards

Hi Eddie,

I guess there is a problem with your MTA (SMTP Server) configuration.

I’d suggest you look into the file (located in the root of your suitecrm installation)


and look for any related errors.

Hello, pls am having an issue using the suite crm, in sending mails thru a campaign, using a targetlist with type default, it doesn’t deliver the mail but that of test type delivers. pls can i get the solution to this. thank you.


do you have cron configured for your SuiteCRM installation?

See also the information displayed here:

Administrator -> Admin -> Scheduler

To Setup Crontab
Note: In order to run Sugar Schedulers, add the following line to the crontab file:

*    *    *    *    *     cd /usr/local/www/nginx-dist/data/; php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1 

Or look here for other OSes (windows, mac)

Thank you.

what am i supposed to do on the scheduler pls. thank you


The scheduler job for sending mass e-mail campaigns is called “Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns” and displayed in the list of Schedulers.

Per default it is configured to run only at night, so SuiteCRM users don’t experience performance issues due to e-mail campaign sending activities. You can change this by:

  • editing this job (click in the pencil
  • disable “Advanced Options”
  • set interval by “every 5 Minutes”
  • Save

By clicking on the job “Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns” you’ll see the detail page of the job with below the Job Log. When your cron has been configured correctly, you should see new entries in this log every 5 minutes.

Thank you got your mail. How do I edit the job which is the first step stated, I didnt find any pencil to click on, just the dropdown. I have done every other thing and tested it but it didn’t go thru.


alternatively you can edit the job by

  • navigating to Administrator -> Admin -> Scheduler
  • click on “Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns”
  • click on “Edit”

I don’t see any dropdown in the Schedulers page, maybe you can send a screenshot?

pls send me an email address to send an attached file to. thank you.

I sent attached files to

thank you.