Editing the Activity/History subpanels within a Lead

So the majority of my users are not tech savvy whatsoever so I am tasked with figuring out how to change the bottom section of a Lead where it shows “Activities, History, Campaigns, Events, Security Groups”

I see the latter 3 in the Studio but I do not see where to edit Activity and History in there.

They need it simplified so they do not have to click Activity->Log Call and instead have the subpanel strictly be Log Call, or Compose Email, or Write a Note, etc.

Having them click on a sub menu is too complicated and the main action has to be the primary button.

Is there anyway this can be done in the studio? If not where do I begin looking in the files. Thanks.

Activities subpanel is a Collection Subpanel which is composed of Calls, Meetings, Notes and Emails. You can see its definition at


In order to modify these you need to create files in the following directory to make is upgrade safe.


So there would be 3-4 files as you need them. See “subpanel setup” of other modules within the modules folder to know more about how subpanels are setup.

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@adamabdelaziz maybe the quick and practical solution you need is simply this: go into Admin / System Settings and change the setting for “show actions in dropdown menu” (or something similar).

in modules\Leads\metadata\subpaneldefs.php I see lines like

'get_subpanel_data' => 'function:get_old_related_calls',

I see this function is defined in /modules/Leads/Lead.php


To get this to work in a custom module, I assume I’d have to replicate these functions inside the custom module. Any idea how?

Hi John,

I’ve never done it but I think this post should be enough to get you on the right track:


That technique let’s you define a specific file where the function is defined.

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