E-mail signature not loading automatically (or with lag)

Has anyone here experienced that the e-mail signature is not loading correctly/automatically sometimes with lag if you have loaded the HMTL code directly into the database instead of the CRM frontend?

We loaded the HTLM code directly to the Db so it would stay consistent and not being messed up by the WYSIWYG editor. But after we done that you can to click the email switcher dropdown a few times for it to load.

Thanks in advance.
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Anyone here that knows something about this?


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I wonder if that is the same as this?

You could try the fix. Note that it might be tricky to get the JS changes to refresh.

Maybe, could be similar to mine. It worked perfectly before I messed with the DB and saved my HTML/CSS code there. I feel a bit silly though @pgr because I been browsing the link you posted but I cannot seem to find the actually fix suggestion. All I could find/read was a bunch of discussion about the issue.

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Just click the “files changed” tab.

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Thanks for the help mate @pgr :smile:

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@pgr do know if the new system is bugged in regards to signatures?
Now they do not load at all or just partly where the all html code is stripped so its just text with no formatting at all.
I basically now have to copy/paste the html email signature manually.


Sorry, I never tried the new version… I don’t know

This fix is only about Email Templates.
In older versions, when composing an email, if you selected a template, the signature was erased.

Well with “new version” I mean version 7.13.1 :upside_down_face: @pgr

Well in version 7.13.1 they don’t load, (or at least not properly).

Also one you changed from one mail account to another it won’t allow you to switch to the previous email account back which is quite annoying. I used to do that sometimes in the older version as it made the template reload which was useful in the event it did fail to load the first time.

But now… it ain’t going to happen…

Sorry, I can’t help you there. We never install versions that are not LTS/ESR.
However, I checked on SuiteCRM demo and it looks like you are right.

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So you are using the paid hosted version of SuiteCRM then?

No, we only install long term
Support versions, i.e. 7.8, 7.10, 7.12

Ok, so simply wait until you can see they are “confirmed” working so to speak?

I been thinking about doing that in the past but been worried about that if we didn’t update to the newest patch that we might run with security holes/security leaks etc.

So maybe its me that is being “stupid” and installing those patches straight away? :upside_down_face:

Actually, when a new version is released we wait at least a couple of weeks and sometimes months before we install it on production for our customers.
We take time to test them on our test servers and we also carefully look at the forum and GitHub issues to find out if other SuiteCRM users have found problems with these new releases.
That can be a problem with security issues but we believe it would be a bigger issue if all users complain about a new bug.

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Thanks for sharing; I’ll think I will do that for the future, its way smarter. Because this sucks to sit with a buggy system. It makes way more sense.

Hi pgr.
Do you know a way to get around this issue with the email templates not loading (or in some cases just loading text stripped from the html code)?

Because this is quite annoying to have to sit and copy paste the html code from a Notepad++ file (just what I use), over to the inbuilt tinymce email client every time you need to send a email.

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I had to do that for my PowerReplacer add-on. It’s a code change, not very simple, sorry.

I was “afraid” you are going to say that. :upside_down_face:

So all I can do is to endure this though ride and wait for next patch with hopefully fixes this I guess?

Thanks anyway @pgr I appreciate your help.

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