Duplique AOS_Name modules

Hello community
Today, I am with a doubt that breaks my head
Does anyone know if exist solution to this
¿How I can duplique of the modules: AOS_Quotes, AOS_Contracts, AOS_Invoices
Identical to how they are?

It occurs to me that I could copy the entire directory of some of them in / modules / AOS_Name /

But it gives me no hope that it’s just like that

Thanks and regards

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I wish I can tell you an easy solution exists. First, those modules are very particular. They were developed by a third party and have their own structure and logic. Because of their nature, they are a little bit different from the other modules.

Those modules utilize other modules Products (AOS_Products), Line items (AOS_Products_Quotes) y Group Items (AOS_Line_Item_Groups) to acomplish their functionality.

Not imposible but very involved task.

I’ll leave these posts for you. Hope it helps to give you a better understanding of what you want: