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I am new to suiteCRM. I have a contact module with some custom fields and custom relationships. Now i need an exact copy of the Contact module (including exact same fields and relationships) as a Student (new) module. I have been through the process (1. Export the contact module 2. Create new module through module Builder 3. Unzip the contact module and refactor code with reference to new module 4. Install the package through module loader), but it is not copying the same fields and relationship.
Can i not duplicate a module in suiteCRM? If i can, what are the approached to achieve that. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Hello manish!

As far as I know you can create new modules through Module Creator (in Administration area). From there you can create your new module and SuiteCRM offers some base templates, including Contact template.

Maybe you do not have all the fields and relations as standard Contact, but you got the base to make it.

Another way is to in fact by copy Contact’s files into Custom/Extension/Modules. Remember to rename your folder’s name before pasting so it does not override the standard Contact customizations.

If it was me, I would prefer to user Module Creator, and after all field, relation and layout definition, then if there is some logic to add yes I would use PHP.

Hope it helps.



I tried the module builder thing for the problem and sorted out. But now i need another module with Quote as a base to add some modifications but it seems Suite CRM only allows to use standard modules as base templates. I reckon it is not feasible to create all the fields, views from the scratch for that purpose.

I tried the other approach as well where i exported the Quote module from Studio and modified the name to my custom module in all the subfolders and re-uploaded it but it isn’t working. Whether i did it wrong or i missed anything, the steps i followed were as mentioned in the https://community.sugarcrm.com/message/78585

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I would assume that after you reupload the zip you did a repair and rebuild.

There are many possible reasons you can’t get it working, Maybe you have definitions in vardef file which were not updated,maybe there are metedata not updated in the module that was not chaged, or even other possibility I’m not remembering now.

I really suggest you to create the module in module creator, and configure all fields, relations and layouts in studio. Although coping the file system looks easier at first look, studio allows you to configure in a much simple way.

PHP, in my experience should only be used to customise.

Do you really need to use “copy/paste”?

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