Downgrading from 7.11.X To 7.10.X

Hi everyone, I am actually considering downgrading from 7.11.X to 7.10.X.
The reason is that email attachements are not working in 7.11 and if i rely on, It worked in 7.10.

This feature is absolutly necessary for our compagny thus why we want to downgrade.

The thing that i want to know is if the change in the module in 7.11 really differs from 7.10 because I made of bunch of customization like adding a tax to line items and taking away the part number and ++.

Will the custom change still be relevent in 7.10 or the line item module was really different?
Will this issue be merged soon?, I see it’s in review.

Thank you very much!

There is no way to downgrade, except by going back to backups of before you upgrading, which isn’t a good option after time passes and the system is used and data changes.

I really advise not even to try that, honestly, you’ll get yourself into worse trouble.

I don’t understand exactly the state of those Github issues. Is there any Github issue that describes your problem accurately in 7.11, and that is still open? Which one?

Yeah sorry my mistake @pgr I Should have done my research before posting.

For some reason, I upgraded my version from 7.11.3 to 7.11.10 this morning to resolve the email attachement error.

Ive created this side thread for that

The problem is the email are sending but without attachements even after update. So I can print the contract, quotes and invoices as a pdf but I can’t send it via an email with attachement because i get this error in my log witch I tought would be resolve with the update
SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: Could not access file:

So far to counter this issue ive created an Email Contract option witch does like email Quotations in the Quotes details view option but this is just a temporary fix I hope

I answered on that other thread.