Donate for SuiteCRM

Dear SuiteCRM team and SuiteCRM user :slight_smile:

I would like to hear your opinion if there is anything against it in the community forum to set up a visible link for donations. Today I got the idea to search for donations for SuiteCRM through the Joomla project

I think that a well-filled coffers is a good thing for a company like SuiteCRM, which is committed to the open source philosophy of life, so that new and existing developments can be started in a better and more relaxed way :slight_smile:

That is my conviction. How do you see it? I hope my question did not in any way inappropriately address anyone.

Thanks in advance for your answers and best regards from Berlin …

Hi @CobaJashi, thanks for your message, it’s really nice.

We have a similar thing already set up, with GitHub “sponsors”, see a previous discussion here

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Ouh :grin:

I realize that the english language is not always english when I search for the wrong words :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Thanks for the hint :smiley: