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Howdy Greg et al,

I’ve been using SuiteCRM for some years now, both as a small business and as a personal black book.

I’ve set up a couple friends with the free version as well. They use it for personal business reasons – maintaining their own contact database, and also for managing job hunts and the like.

I’ve contributed as well, as a developer, to the source base on Github for fixing bugs and the like.

Anyway, my idea is that you might open a tip jar, or something like that, for users of the free product like me, who are not using it to run businesses, but just for personal contacts.

I can’t send you a ton of money, but I want to encourage the way you are doing business properly with open source.


Hi @johnwbyrd!

(I’m mentioning Greg here @salesagility in case he comes around)

Thank you for your kind words and for your idea! It would be great if more people using the free and open-source product would help out in the development costs, even with small amounts.

Have a look at our “tip jar”, the Sponsor button on Github:



Thanks in advance :tada: !

Thanks very much @johnwbyrd !

It’s such a wonderful feeling the team share when users provide such positive feedback and appreciation that really keeps us motivated to continue doing what we’re doing.

Pedro has already highlighted how to provide us (any amount is welcomed of course) ad hoc or recurring financial appreciation very open collective (a open source funding platform).

Let us know if the experience was easy :smiley: Again, thanks from the team.

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Hello dears :slight_smile:

now I’m in the right post and just hang my post under it again:

" … I would like to hear your opinion, if there is nothing in the community forum against setting up a visible link for donations. Today I got the idea to search for donations for SuiteCRM via the Joomla project

I think that a well-filled cash register is a good thing for a company like SuiteCRM that is committed to the open source philosophy of life, so that new and existing developments can be started in a better and more relaxed way :slight_smile:

That is my conviction. How do you see that? I hope that my question in no way inappropriately addressed anyone … "

euro for euro… dollar for dollar… rupee for rupee and the cash box fills up :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for your answers and best wishes from Berlin …