Does anyone have group emails working for users?

This is fantastic work Paul.

I have followed through your fixes and failed to notice that I needed 7.13.3. Duh!

So I went ahead and upgraded from 7.13.0 to 7.13.3. Checked that your fixes Paul, were all still there. Did the usual Repair & Rebuild, Repair relationships, Repair Inbound Email Accounts.

Everything seems to be working except for the fact that I still don’t have a ‘Security Groups’ subpanel in the inbound emails. Inbound Email Accounts is not a module in my Studio, so I can’t check the existence of subpanels there.

I have gone as far as deleting all email accounts and making sure they have been deleted from the respective tables etc. But no joy.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction to sort this out please.

Many thanks Terry

Try a Admin / Repair / Repair Relationships and other repairs that look promising

Its not enabled by default. In admin check visible subpanels. Make sure its visible.

Aha and duh again!

Thank you so much again for what you did with the email groups fix. I know how much time goes in to researching this stuff. I have spent hundreds of hours on SuiteCRM and still get hung up on the simplest of things sometimes.

Now all I need to do is work out why my logo image has suddenly stopped working in my emails. But that’s another topic.


Let me if it’s working for you. I’ve tried on like 3 different installations and it worked great. Just want to make sure.

Hi Paul

Somehow I missed this post. Yes it all works great thank you.

I’m now embarking on a mission to get rid of some of the persistent errors in suitecrm.log after sending emails.


@pstevens did you see this PR?

I thought I’d warn you, in case it overlaps with what you did.

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Seems like I hit this mess of an issue too.

(I’ve mentioned it here:

and here

Group mail only display on system admin users. Not on the regular users. :sob:

Is there a compiled step by step guide over how to fix this available?

All this code spread all over posts in this thread makes it quite messy to figure it out (I don´t mean that in disrespectful way. The job done is really fantastic!), but it for me and other users it might make it bit complicated to apply this fix to the system.

(It seems like a bit a pain also because once you make these changes you will have to re-add them on each update, right?)

Out of sheer my own curiosity
How come the SuiteCRM team/ Sales Agility team has not fixed this in the updates and added the code that fixes this bug/problem? :thinking:

Check the link to the Github issue. I have a step by step guide there with a link to every PR required.

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Hi @PowerQuest, what’s the goal you’re looking for?
Do you need to make different Users to use the same email account ie.

Here’s the complete solution on Github. Hopefully it still all works with the latest version: Folder Selection for Group Inbound email Folders not working in user Profile · Issue #277 · salesagility/SuiteCRM-Core · GitHub

Hi Paul, I applied your fixes some months ago with full success. However I have also just noticed that group inboxes aren’t available for users in SCRM 7.14.2

Does this mean your fixes have not been applied to the v7 updates? So the only way to get this working again is to go through the same fixes you kindly posted on github?

Why are these fixes you spent hours on not being implementd by the Suitecrm team?

I guess this has not been merged in yet!
If so, would it be possible to combine all PRs into one PR, on the hotfix branch of the 7.x repo? It should be easier for SA to test and merge into 7.x and 8.x.

Thanks for the question @LionSolution and your reply.

I just want all of the sales staff employees to:
1.) be able to monitor our main email on our website (Group email account) and send from it - plus

2.) I want them to be have their own individual email too (for account managers), so they can mail their prospects.

But as I already mentioned the Group mail refuses to be available for non sys admin users (E.g. regular users).

Thanks a bunch @pstevens

So once applied you will have to re-apply it during each new update as it will be overwritten right?

Yes unless the changes get merged into the core, they’ll have to be re applied when updates ate done.

Its pretty crazy that this has not applied into the bug fix updates/ the core.

I don’t understand why Sales Agility has not done it as it doesn’t make any logical sense to me.

It must be in their interest to a have fully working product. At least one could think so, right?


So how do you do this yourself?
Do you have a template saved with all the code on your pc or do you sit and copy/paste all the changes needed each time you update your CRM system?

Hey @PowerQuest because there are so many changes at the moment around email in the last couple of versions, the best way is go follow the instructions and edit the code manually. It really only takes like half an hour to apply all the changes carefully.

It’s quite complex and there are a number of files to change. I found that by fixing one problem, it lead to another, and then fixing that, led to another. It took me a couple of months to fix from start to finish and figure out why all this stuff wasn’t working and fix them. There are still a couple of remaining issues bust basically it works.

Key is to do all the JS repair and rebuild stuff and flush out your cache in your browser well for it to work.

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Makes me think if it is worth it? :thinking:

I mean having a group inbox is very nice. But employees could also just use their own email. Just too bad because having a group inbox which allows your sales reps/management monitor your company’s general email address just makes sense.

At least in my way of thinking.

@pstevens Any reason not to make these so many changes around email into one PR on github?