Group account vs group user? (and the use of it) 🤔

So while digging for a solution to my initial issue Made a role but the member still have the full permissions? 😕 - #13 by PowerQuest I stumbled over this thread with “Group User” Basic setup with group email - #4 by LionSolution which I did not even know existed…

Cannot find anything really about it in the documentation though… Loads of broken links in the documentation too.

and here too Email Overview :: SuiteCRM Documentation

So what is the difference between a group user and a group email account?

I mean what is the purpose of the “group user”? I understand the concept of a “group email account”. As it is now I have trouble getting the "group email account displayed to the regular user - it only displays when the user it set to "system administrator…

Thanks in advance…

I can see that many people seem to have an issue with group emails according to this thread:

Is this still an ongoing problem that has not been fixed?

I don’t think there are broken links in the documentation, if there are, we should fix them, it’s a community-editable site. I tried the link you gave and it worked.

Please list every broken link you find in the docs site so I can check.

About the Emails and group users, I found this in the SugarCRM docs, I think it still applies:

Group User

A Group User is a bucket that is used for assigning records to a non-specific user (e.g., Sales, Support) in the organization. Unlike a Regular or System Administrator user, a Group user does not have access to log in to Sugar. Due to this, they do not have the same profile settings available, including the option to set a password. Since Group users cannot log in to Sugar, they do not count against an organization’s license count.

Examples of uses for a Group user would be to assign all new leads to a group user named “Sales” or assign all newly-created support cases to “Support” before they are delegated to specific users (e.g., John Smith) in the organization.

Please note that Group users will not appear in the Employees module. For more information on how to create a Group user, please review the Group Users section of this page.

Hey @powerquest “group emails” and “group accounts” are two different things. In general terms, a group email is a group MAILBOX that more than one user may have access to like “sales@…” A group account is a completely different thing. It’s like an actual user. A group account may contain more than one user. So for example lets say your group user is “sales team” and all your sales reps are part of it. Then let’s say when a webform creates a new lead, the lead would be assigned to “sales team” and basically, everyone in the the “sales team” would get an assignment notification. Another use case is like “support team” where new cases would be assigned to support team and everyone gets notified. In both cases you’d have a secondary step where someone would take ownership of the lead or the case afterwards.

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Hi @pstevens and thanks for your reply.
I appreciate it a lot. :+1:

So a group user is like a “team” in the system?
I remember SugarCRM CE had teams I think but it does not exist in SuiteCRM as far as I know about it. (?)

I know about the “Group Email” (I have set that up long time ago. But since it was only me in the company until now had yet to discover this issue), which is the one that is currently giving me the big headache.

Because it refuses to display on regular users - it only displays if the user has the “system administrator” role. Not sure how to get around this issue.


A group email account allows more than one user to access a particular mail account. This can be useful for sales or support email accounts for example. In addition, group accounts are also used for sending email campaigns. See the Campaigns documentation for more information.

campaigns link is broken.

Hi prg. :smiley:
It is links within the documents not the linked document that is failing.

Yes, that is correct. Some others seems broken too.

Here’s the group email complete solution: Folder Selection for Group Inbound email Folders not working in user Profile · Issue #277 · salesagility/SuiteCRM-Core · GitHub

Good video!