Does anyone have group emails working for users?

@chris001 just kind of limited by my Github skills. Not really sure how to make all the changes a single PR. There are quite a lot. All changes kind of have to be done together because one breaks something else and then that fix breaks something else. It took me a couple of months of investigation and testing to root most of it out. I’ll try and do some investigation into how to accomplish that.

@pstevens This is an easy one to solve. In order to get all your many changes (across multiple code files) into one PR, you simply modify all the files that need modifying, in your own fork (copy) and in your branch associated with the PR. Github will tell you (or already told you) the name of your branch relating to your PR. Step by step example:

  1. Go to the first file you want to modify, on the SA repo for v7, in the hotfix branch.
  2. Click the pencil icon to start modifying the FIRST file of this all-in-one PR.
  3. Modify the file.
  4. Make note of the name of YOUR fork’s branch name (something like pstevens-029) this is located at the top of the page.
  5. Click Save to save this modified file to your fork/branch.
  6. Create the PR, title it “Fix #xxxxx (that’s the issue number) Group Email not working (exact title of the issue number)” .
  7. Go to YOUR fork (github dot come user pstevens, your copy of the Suite 7 forked repo, go to YOUR branch name pstevens-029 from step 4 above).
  8. Edit and Save ALL the OTHER files that need fixing, to solve this Group Emails Not Working issue.
  9. Go to your PR, in the SA repo, from step 6 above. Verify that ALL of these fixed files automatically have shown up as part of your one PR.
  10. Any further mods or updates to these files, super easy. Go to your github account, edit go to YOUR fork of Suite v7, go to YOUR branch pstevens-029, edit the files, and they automatically appear in your PR in SA’s repo. Awesome!

Why doesn’t Sales Agility development team just incorporate this bug fix into the core in the first place?

@pstevens has already done their job for them anyway and fixing it.

As for us its just to cumbersome to add all these changes just to have them blown up on each new update release and being forced to reapply them so we will for now just allow users to use their own email without access to the group mail - which is kind of sad. Wit the word “Sad” I mean that it “group inboxes” makes sense and is a great feature to add to your teams in your company and it is a loss not to be able to use the feature to its fullest potential.

Because they have about one tenth of the resources that would be required for the project to move at the speed that people expect. There are thousands of issues and hundreds of pending fixes. Everyone thinks theirs is the critical one.

You can send them money on OpenCollective, that way they will have more resources.

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So, how could we work for Sales Agility development team for free?

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Thanks @pgr for your answer and reply.

Is there is donation link on the forums?

That is a very good question! :smiley: :+1:

There is a donation link on Github.

This is a bit hard to answer. The answer is, work on bugs on Github, test existing PR’s, help here in the forums as you already do. But I must warn you that you will face moments when your work won’t get any response and it will be frustrating.

I guess that after some time you can “sense” which PR’s they’re paying attention to, and which ones they are trying to move forward, so you can focus on working on things where you have higher hopes of getting response from SA.

I think I found it:
Open Collective - Make your community sustainable. Collect and spend money transparently.

Although there is several and not sure all are legit:

The fake one sure looks fake.

The other ones are legit, the one they point to from their Github is the one where there is already some accumulated money, called “SuiteCRM”, so this one

I also set up my own sponsorship scheme a couple of years ago, the goal was precisely to get more small contributions from the community come together to generate “one extra developer” for SalesAgility. But it (essentially) didn’t really take off. The problem is not lack of people or lack of skills, the problem is that the economics of a free project like SuiteCRM naturally bring together a lot of people who, well, don’t have much money to spend. Or don’t want to - there are sure some big lucrative companies free-riding the project…

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Thanks @pgr :heart:
I’d love to set some money aside to this as my company grows forward and certainly will. The system is great in its core it just needs some love and care from us all.

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Just for information, I sent an email to opencollective regarding that possibly fake account, just asking if they had any guidelines on this kind of thing, and it seems they decided to ban the account!

So, now if you search for SuiteCRM in OpenCollective, you should see only the official account belonging to SalesAgility.


From the opencolletive, some very generous monthly recurring sponsors are contributing a total of $4,889/month. This level of funding would support adding one 3/4 time developer, at 30 hours per week instead of full time 40 hours. On the basis that the goal for one full time developer is set at $6,666/month ($80,000 per year). Very nice!

It’s good, but I am afraid not all generous supporters are still ongoing - if you look at the most recent transactions, it seems one of the 2 big ones is now gone - maybe even both.

This is also my experience with my own sponsorships, people come and go; they invest in early stages (SuiteCRM has very low barriers to entry, attractive feature set, and downloading and installing is free) then they sometimes give up on the project (SuiteCRM has quite high initial hurdles).

So I tend to look at those current $4900 as a stash of money to buy one-time projects or features, not as “hire a developer” money. Yet.

We have offered many times to volunteer as a community to offer bug fixes using Github’s new feature, Codespace. This does not require me or your or anyone here to run a Virtual server or figure out how to create a debugging setup on a server or home server. Codespace allows casual users like me to spin up a Suitecrm copy completely running with xdebug and the correct php and mysql db services. All you have to do is make a fix and submit the PR. If you logoff, Codespace saves your spot so you come back and continue work. No server admin, nothing to run like Docker. But, the team at Sales Agility seems to not want the community to get involved. This is a free and excellent github service recently introduced in 2023 and intended to allow communities to get involved. There is no reason to stonewall moving this forward. SuiteCRM after all these years still has basic flaws that prevents adoption. Only a few of us who are chained to it with high friction costs of moving continue to use it. PRs that never get added after 3 years. PGR’s debugging PR that would display the errors is completely ignored. Logs full of undecipherable nonsense that PGR’s debug PR would fix is dormant. He should fork his own version with that debug and we’d be way further ahead than these minor fixes. Going from 8.5 to 8.51 will set me backwards because I have to now go and do all those fixes like the ones above. That is insane. It isn’t money, there is something else preventing the adoption of community-based involvement.

Is it really free? Codespaces

You’re correct! I have created a topic to upvote all pending PRs but no one seems interested to post links.
Let’s get some attention!

:melting_face: :melting_face: :melting_face: exactly!

I’m the hold up on this one I think. I have a bunch of PR’s all related to this issue. Struggling with how to merge them all into one to make it easier for the Devs to test and approve.