Documents and permissions

Hi all,
I would like to ask you, how is it possible set permission for uploaded files (access rights for groups or users for this file) in company profile, section “Documents”. Is it possible or is it some module for this function?

Yes, use SecuritySuite to design teams and roles for users … define access/read/edit permissions … standard functionality

Thank you for reply. But I don’t know if you understand me. I think this example:

My user (with some role) go to the company profile page and there he wants upload some document. He open form (screen01.PNG):

and there he wants choose user(a) or group (team) for view of this document (access for this document)

He wants upload (for example):

  • NDA for all users
  • Terms & Conditions PDF document only for management group

I could define access/read/edit permissions in SecurityGroup but its fix (not flexible). I need flexible access and user wants choose who can read uploaded document.