Do anyone else here have this issue? đź“© [Multiple listing of the same email account]

So I just created an outbound and inbound account for a new member of the team and it basically generates not one, but three entries in the email WYSIWYG client’s drop down list of email account options.

See screenshot below.

I had this issue with my own SuiteCRM account and did not pay much attention to it because I just thought my account was bugged/ database issue due to updates of the past. But now when I have people joining my team I can suddenly see it not just limited to me. I just simply cannot figure out why SuiteCRM behave like this.

One interesting thing is that the two first account listings includes:
>>> the company name e.g. username | Company name, but the last listing just includes >>> username < >>

Again not sure why if this is a bug or a configuration issue. (?)

Is it me that have set some configuration somehow that generates three entries for each personal inbound/outbound email account or something else?

Thoughts please? :thinking:

Thanks in advance.
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Yep, if the user can send through the system account as themselves, that’s one, the system account itself, that’s two, the user’s own account, that’s three.

Don’t know where the 4th is coming from.

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Thanks for the reply @pstevens


So all I need to do is to remove the tick box two places in the system outbound account?

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So I did what you said and removed the tick boxes of:
That did remove two entries of the general info@ contact inbox. Well it completely removed users access to it in in their email module.

Users own email address is still listed two times and for me as a system admin my emails (I have three), is listed three time each - in all nine times plus the info@ mail.

Not sure why but it is quite annoying. Not sure if this is a bug or something else?

It is similar. Maybe it will help you.

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So it is indeed a bug. Interesting. :thinking:
Thank you for that link. It brings much light to this issue.

I been annoyed about this for like at least the last 6-7 months now with each of my email addresses duplicating three times. I could live it myself, but now since I’m starting to onboard people its something that I have to fix. :upside_down_face:

I think what’s going on (I haven’t investigated, just a theory) is when you add an inbound account now in 7.14, it asks for the relation to the outbound account. I “think” its showing both the actual outbound account and then the inbound account sending as the outbound account. (just a guess).

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