Delete a inbuilt field in suitecrm 7x

Is their any way to remove inbuilt fields from Suitecrm modules?
for ex.- There are two fields in “cases” module named “state” and “status”, is there any way i can delete them?
Use case is that I already created a field “ticketStatus” using vardefs (because when i am creating this field i have more power to control its behavior) and while fetching case through API it is throwing all the fields so it can cause some confusion.
Also field in database of no use is just a barrier in performance.

Did you create those fields?

Go to Admin, Dev Tools, Studio, Cases. If you go into Layouts, ListView, drag “state” and “status” from “default” to “hidden”, then click “Save and Deploy”. Then do the same with the “DetailView”, and “EditView.”

@chris001 It will hide those fields from views only, it will not remove them,
I am still able to see them in the fetched case via API

@rsp No i did not create them, those are inbuilt fields with modules. I want to delete them

I don’t know if this is good option but you could try to delete those columns from your database and do QR&R from the admin.

Try it on your test environment first! :upside_down_face:

This should solve your issue:

In Studio, the “Delete” button, to delete a field, only appears on the field’s detail page, for fields that have the asterisk (“*”) next to them.
The “*” is explained in Studio, at the bottom of the list of fields:
* field created in Studio
So, you can only delete a custom field, which is a field that you, or another admin, has created.
Studio doesn’t let you delete inbuilt core existing fields.
Presumably because there is core code that operates on data in those core fields.
It should be fine to just ignore those core fields, which may be returned to your API calls, when you don’t wish to use those data from those core fields.