How to delete (core) existing fields from Leads, Accounts & Opportunity modules?

Hi, is there any way to delete (core) existing fields from Leads, Accounts & Opportunity modules? As i can’t see any delete button for such fields in Studio.

Or if i can map those existing fields into custom fields on Contacts, Accounts & Opportunity modules? I mean like for custom fields we create same field in other module i.e. custom_1 in leads to custom_1 in accounts. But if i try to create a same field as an existing one, i.e. first_name than instead of same it will create first_name_c for which mapping will not work.

Can anyone please help?

Like i want to move the Email(S), Contact Name (First & Last) and Account into Opportunity module on lead conversion so if someone convert the lead these information need to copy into Opportunity module as well.

for preserve lead comversiom behaviour, you must create field with custom vardefs and not studio.

With Studio, field are create in custom table _cstm with _c at the end of field.
With custom vardef, field are create in main table and you can control field name


And how can i do so? I have very little knowledge of programming and files on Suitecrm. If you can guide with this for: Email(S), Contact Name (First & Last) and Account into Opportunity module on lead conversion. Kind Regards.

hey there. i know this is killer late and sorry on behalf of all of us, but while searching some questions about mapping/converting I came across my answer in this post. In return I will try to plunder through a quick tutorial to help others.

First, I wanted to to create a ‘convertable’ version of ‘terms’ field from the quote module so that it mapped correctly to a ‘terms’ field in the invoice module when converted. However, it seems that this cannot be done with the core fields that come with the install, according to this post. So, it seems that if you want to make any field at all survive across the conversion process (ie. lead conversion, or quote to invoice conversion) you have to make sure that the field name is a custom field name, not an existing core field name. For the ones that already work the way you like in the core items (for example account name, contact name, etc) great. LEave those. Don’t touch those. For some reason a ‘core field name’ converts just fine to another ‘core field name’ but not from a core field name to a custom field name or vice versa.

With that background out of the way, here is what I"m going to do and I hope that this works.

in origin module (in studio) in ‘field’ section

  1. re-create the ‘payment terms’ field found in the quotes module the way that I like it.
  2. I’m going to write down in extreme detail all the details about this field including the field name, the system label name, and the display name
  3. I"m going to pay extra attention to the field name because that’s the one that makes or breaks it. This must be perfectly entered in the destination module field name field. I use a notepad and write it down…
  4. ‘add field’
  5. select data type (in my case drop down from a drop down list I’ve already created in studio)
  6. for system label I just left the system do its default choice
  7. select your custom options for field and perhaps write them all down too because you are going to create the ‘receiving field’ in the destination module field soon…
  8. save it.

note: if you, like me, are replacing an existing field, you may need to change the ‘display field’ to something temporary and unique to separate it from the other one because when you are setting up the layout later, it will be impossible to distinguish them otherwise…i called mine Payment TermsNEW for the one I’m making here. That allows me to keep it for a while but flag everyone not to actually use it. Then I can delete the old one later and get rid of the ‘NEW’ part of the label…

in destination module (in studio) in field section

  1. repeat all of the steps above for the origin field but this time adding in all the exact details you did above. straight up re-do what you did above verbatim

In the ‘layout’ section of the origin module (in my case quotes)

  1. in edit view create a new panel, or row, if needed
  2. drag the newly created field from the list on the left to where you want it.

Now if everything is working well, you should be able to enter data into the origin field into a quote (for example) and then save it. Then you should be able to convert that quote (for example) into an invoice and the saved data in that field should move into the Invoice module when you select ‘convert to invoice’.

Hope that helps you and anyone else who may be reading this.