Dear SuiteCRM Community 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 members,

Dear SuiteCRM Community :people_holding_hands: members,

In these times of instability for the world, changes are sometimes necessary, and I am here to announce I am no longer continuing my part-time job at SalesAgility, which I held since 2017. I was a Community member before then (since 2014) and hope to continue being one from now on, although some uncertainty hangs over that.

In these years I’ve had the joy of being here (sometimes a little too obsessively) answering thousands of posts and commenting on GitHub. Some of you guys, I’ve seen you around so often that I feel you are my friends, in that funny sense in which the Internet uses that word for people one has never personally met! :man_shrugging:

I’m proud to have led the Documentation project, and the Forums migration. All these years, I’ve also worked as a teacher and done lots of work for a handful of non-profits, most of it voluntary. I’d say I had between 3 and 7 jobs at any point in time, depending on how you count :slight_smile:

I want to say thank you to this Community. I really like what we have here, and how it’s grown in size and quality.

I want to say thank you to SalesAgility - for keeping SuiteCRM truly open-source and free in all senses. For keeping up their investment in this software so many others use, year after year, and that’s a real effort. Having seen the company from the inside, I am assured of their true-believer commitment to open-source and to SuiteCRM. The company knows it has a business to run, but profit is not the only language spoken at SalesAgility. The passion for the project and the Community are very real, and I learned from that. Thank you for paying my salary, which was a very direct contribution to the Community.

What am I going to do next? To be honest, I don’t know. There’s always the chance that I just turn all my life around and go get a “real” job, a single, well-paid developer job. There is plenty of demand for that where I live. That would be financially compensating and would greatly simplify this crazy life I lead, but… it would also feel a bit too boring and would kill off my idealistic side, and I can’t let that happen, can I?

I do plan to be less present answering on the Forums and on GitHub (others have been doing it very competently and I need a break, I am sure you understand) but I am quite motivated to do more development work for SuiteCRM, as long as that brings in some money to pay my bills.

I have ideas for add-ons which could be very significant additions :muscle: to SuiteCRM functionality, but I don’t want to go sell them on the Store. Not if I can avoid it. I want them to be in core code as soon as possible. So I’ve been thinking a lot about business models, and new ways to align incentives in the Community. I know many of you out there share my itch to “go and fix” so many flaky things, the templates, the email module, campaigns, installs and upgrades, permissions code, etc… This will be my focus: reliability, robustness, core functionality.

You will probably hear from me in a few weeks if I can come up with some sponsorship solution for this. :bulb:

P.S. - make sure you check out (and upvote!) my two parting :gift: gifts: PR #8640 (documented here), and PR #8686. They are meant as ways to greatly facilitate troubleshooting. It’s like me leaving behind some code to do my job in my place. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: if you want, you can put a “Like” :heart: down there :point_down: just to say “hi” to me or “thanks”, it doesn’t imply that you are happy about this change. This way I will know that you read my post and that you are a friend :slight_smile:


Ah, this is sad, sad to see you go, Everyone knows a guy @pgr, a savior to their problems. Post a question and there is pgr to answer. You are certainly leaving a good trail behind.

There is no doubt on what you will be doing next. I am sure it will be the best.

Your partying gifts are priceless and will help many. We wish to know the name of the person aka @pgr :slight_smile:

Wish you the best. Cheers!!!

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Post a question and there is @pgr to answer, I haven’t thought there will be a post like this from @pgr. You have been a great help to all a newbie to skilled. It is sad to see you leave, I am very much sure you will be doing the best in your next as you did here.

Good luck and tons of best wishes

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Thank you, @pgr for your designated time to the SuiteCRM project, very sorry to hear that your are leaving your position!

I hope, we’ll see you around and look forward to continue collaborating with you.

All the best,

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All good things come to an end, and here is Pedro saying goodbye !

You have been a great contributor to this Community and helping a lot of members to get them out of trouble. Your instant responses and deep analysis did help a lot of people in learning and overcoming their problems.

You are a good developer and a great person :heart: in the first place. I wish you a successful life ahead and keep doing the great work.

Thank you for all your contributions. You will be missed. :pleading_face:


Pedro, thank you for the quick and high-quality help you have provided over the years. :heart: Good luck!

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Thanks Pedro for all of your hard work over the years and kind words! You’ve really helped nurture our community to be what it is today.

We will hopefully still see you around the community and I wish you best on your future projects (both SuiteCRM and non-SuiteCRM related)!

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Thanks for all the hard work, and best wishes for your next projects !

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I wish you all the best, you are one of the most valuable members of this community!!

Kind regards from Argentina

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Thank you @pgr! Best of luck with whatever you do next :heart:

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Since im using this CRM I think you were the most active & helpfull member around all the topic I’ve saw !

All the best for the future,
Cheers from France !:raised_hands:

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Thanks @pgr, many of us are looking with wide eyes :eyes: trying our best to fill even a single boot you’ve left behind. Appreciate all the work you have done to make our jobs and this community the best it can be, wish you all the best for anything you do in the future :+1: and we’ll test your amazing PRs soonTM :laughing:

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Thanks @pgr for your positive energy!

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Thanks for all effort you have put in. I’m sure people appreciate you more than you think!

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If times weren’t so turbulent and tragic this post would probably be one of my top 10 most breaking news of the year so far.

I’d like to thank @pgr personally for all the indirect advice I’ve received in the past few years. You’ve been a major source of information for anything SuiteCRM-related both here and in your blog. Without your efforts many details and even major things would still be undocumented and I’d probably still scratching my head cluelessly because of some minor issue you had already figured out. I hope to see you around and would definitely buy you a beer (or two!) should our paths cross.

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@pgr You have been very valuable member for this community. I remember you are the one who responded my first post few years ago. I have grown a lot in my knowledge of SuiteCRM thanks to your answers in the forum and the tutorials on your blog. As you mentioned on your post, many of us also consider you a friend. Hope to hear from you soon!!



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Hey everyone! I hope everybody’s managed to stay healthy across the pandemic!

I had promised updates on what I would be doing next. So… I’ve been busy working on a couple of add-ons that I unmodestly think are very good value. Despite that fact, I am willing to forgo selling them in the Store, and will make them available to my sponsors as SponsorWare. One day they will be donated into Core.

What this means is that I have been boldly advancing to “re-package” myself as the guy who works for (and gets his salary from) the Community here.

I have no idea if this model will work, but I am willing to risk it.

If you click on my user name you will get access to a few links that will let you learn more. I encourage you to start with the “Sponsor” link since that has the most complete explanation of the model. Then you can explore the add-ons if you’re interested.

I would love to get some feed-back on all of this.

I will also take the liberty to mention some other old friends who might have not seen this thread: @mikebeck @amariussi @horus68


HI Pedro
your work on the Power tools - is positive for the Suite community - I hope others like us will benefit. It is worth sponsoring Pedro, guys!

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