Welcome to the team Pedro!

When we created SuiteCRM we envisioned that a community, united by the new open source project, would come together and grow along side us as we worked towards being the best and most used open source CRM in the world.

We had no idea at that time just how rapid and big this growth would be!

So, we are delighted to say that the SuiteCRM community has grown into a thriving and vibrant body of highly talented people that are changing the world.
The coming months will be exciting for the community, as we have a lot planned for its members. With our increasing commitment we look to continue to flourish the community, and make it an even more rewarding and satisfying environment for all members around the globe.

Throughout any community there are always a few individuals that excel at what they do and go above and beyond what is expected. They volunteer their time and knowledge whilst demonstrating dedication to the project. We are extremely privileged to have a few of them here in the SuiteCRM community. Their hard work and massive contributions cover a number of sections of the project including translations; bug fixing; constructive feedback; production and pre-production testing and generally supporting a friendly atmosphere in the community.

A particular individual the community would certainly know is Pedro (otherwise known as pgorod on Github or pgr on SuiteCRM forums). He has always been a strong advocate for the project, its team and the members of the community. He is often found aiding its many members in troubleshooting, demonstrating the correct form of process and generally engaging with product related discussions both on the forums and on github. He has brought to the table excellent ideas and feedback on how to improve SuiteCRM with the help of the community.

One of these excellent ideas was to introduce a role that would be more absorbed with the day to day activities of the community. A role that would feedback directly to the SalesAgility community and product teams the wants and needs of the community.

We felt that there was no better person to embrace this role than Pedro himself! So with great pleasure we would like to welcome Pedro into the SalesAgility team and his Community Leader role.

Along with his community liaising responsibilities the role will also involve helping setting up community projects and introduce ways on how the community can assist or made easier to contribute to the project. Some of these awesome projects are already under way and we are very excited about getting the community involved soon!

Welcome, Pedro – from everyone here in the SalesAgility team!


Hey everyone,

While thanking Ashley for her kind words, I’d like to take this chance to tell you a bit more about me, and my view on this project, and this community.

A few months ago, I got in touch with Jim Mackin, who works for SalesAgility and wrote the eBook “SuiteCRM for Developers” (which many of you know quite well) and we discussed ways to make more (and better) Documentation available to the SuiteCRM Community. To my surprise, Jim was very open to the idea of letting his book become the basis for a new Documentation site - free for everyone.

After a project I had with SuiteCRM came to an end, I had some time available and approached SalesAgility and discussed my role in the Community and the future Documentation site. As you all know, I have been very active in these forums and on GitHub, and since I often have to type the same answers, over and over again, I feel the need for documentation very vividly. Anyway, I love this SuiteCRM project, and I believe it not only needs, but deserves good documentation.

Eventually this evolved into SalesAgility offering me a part-time compensation to take an active role with the Community-building efforts, and a new Documentation site. I was honoured to accept, since it matches very well what I was already doing enthusiastically in the Community.

I will still keep other occupations, but of course this new role will make me more committed, and helps me integrate my efforts with SalesAgility a lot more productively. There was some risk of me disappearing from the Community if my next project didn’t involve SuiteCRM, and this way my presence is much better assured.

My initial internal contacts with the SalesAgility team have been extremely positive, beyond my best expectations. I found an enthusiastic team committed to making this a great project and a great community. I know we have a long way to go, but I’ve always valued the fact that SalesAgility’s investment in SuiteCRM has been constantly growing (and will continue to in the future). The team is growing, slowly but steadily. I proudly consider myself part of it, ever since I started contributing, like so many others around here… now I am simply changing roles a bit.

Thanks to Jim for contributing his excellent book, and to Greg for investing in this new effort, and to everyone who ever contributed to SuiteCRM in any way - we will need your help in the future, so stay positive, and stay involved. There’s a lot we can achieve together!


And here is a veiled “mystery preview” of how the initial versions of the new Documentation site are looking…

This is not just a restyling, it has many excellent features to really let the Community edit and grow and translate the Documentation!


Congratulations to all for this decision. This is an excellent news for the project.

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Congratulations pgr! Congratulations to all community for this ‘asset’ conquered to the project.

I do believe that we are going to have a decent documentation project.

I hope that I can contribute to this documentation project.

Best regards

V Barroso

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Congratulations pgr! A well deserved position, and an essential role.

And thank you again :slight_smile:

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Awesome news! :slight_smile:

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Great news!

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Great to hear this synergy between company and community. Thank you Pedro for your efforts. I am somewhat new to the community but already noticed how active you are, everywhere. Two years on! how are you finding your Community Leader role? Is there anything that the community can do to help you?


I’m loving it! My only wish from the Community is that they always state their SuiteCRM version when asking questions! :smiley:

No, just kidding. Well, half-kidding. I think the Community is growing well, people are contributing more (code, testing, documentation, forums replies) and that’s what makes me happy and confident for the future.


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