Customizable Multi-Tenant SuiteCRM Implementation for Unique Client Branding and Data Segregation

Objective: Develop a multi-tenant SuiteCRM solution that allows multiple clients to use the same underlying application while providing each client with a uniquely branded user interface (UI), including distinct logos, styling, and color schemes. Additionally, ensure that each client’s data is stored in a separate database to maintain data integrity and privacy.

Key Requirements:

  1. Multi-Tenant Architecture:
  • Implement a multi-tenant architecture in SuiteCRM where each client operates in a separate environment. This architecture should support scalability and maintainability, ensuring that updates and maintenance tasks can be performed efficiently.
  1. Client-Specific Customization:
  • Design the CRM system so that each client can have a customized UI. This includes:
    • Logos: Ability to upload and display unique logos for each client.
    • Styling and Colors: Customizable color schemes and styling options to match each client’s branding.
    • UI Layout: Flexible layout options that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.
  1. Database Segregation:
  • Ensure that each client’s data is stored in a separate database to prevent data leakage and ensure privacy. This involves:
    • Creating isolated databases for each client.
    • Implementing mechanisms to route database queries to the correct database based on the client context.
    • Providing robust security measures to protect each database.
  1. User Management:
  • Implement a user management system that allows:
    • Client administrators to manage users within their organization.
    • Central administrators to oversee all client environments and manage overarching settings.
  1. Customizable Modules:
  • Allow clients to enable or disable CRM modules based on their needs. Provide the capability to customize modules further to fit client-specific workflows and processes.
  1. Theming and Branding Engine:
  • Develop a theming and branding engine within SuiteCRM that facilitates easy customization of the UI. This engine should provide:
    • Pre-defined themes that can be easily selected and applied.
    • Tools for creating and saving custom themes.
    • An interface for previewing changes before applying them.
  1. Performance and Scalability:
  • Design the system to handle multiple clients with varying data volumes efficiently. Ensure that performance remains optimal as the number of clients and the volume of data grows.
  • Implement load balancing and optimization techniques to manage high traffic and large datasets.
  1. Security and Compliance:
  • Adhere to industry standards for security and data protection, ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, or other relevant standards.
  • Implement role-based access control (RBAC) to manage permissions and access levels within each client environment.
  1. Maintenance and Support:
  • Develop a robust support system to handle client issues and provide timely updates.
  • Implement monitoring tools to track system performance and health across all client environments.


  • Ensuring seamless updates and maintenance across a multi-tenant system without disrupting client operations.
  • Balancing customization flexibility with system stability and performance.
  • Ensuring airtight data security and privacy measures for each client’s data.

Conclusion: Creating a customizable, multi-tenant SuiteCRM solution involves addressing technical challenges related to data segregation, customization, and scalability. By implementing a solution that allows for unique client branding and secure data handling, we can provide each client with a personalized and secure CRM experience that feels tailor-made for their organization.

Hi. Do you have a question? I don’t understand why you posted your requirement list.

Yes, I want to build a CRM, then sell it to different clients like to a Hospital, College, Marketing Company, etc.
And Users or Admin to one client should not be able to see the data and users of other clients.
And can I have different database for different clients or I have to work with same database.

There have been ideas like this before:

and others - if you search for SaaS or multi tenant on the forums.

It would probably be a heavy code re-write.
I can imagine, that you’d be faster with a solution like Drupal to build something like a multi-tenant CRM - still, a rather big project overall.

At the current stage, I’d look into optimizing DevOps with SuiteCRM - like so: SuiteCRM Hosted - SuiteCRM
There is a project Aegir for Drupal, which makes hosting, spinning up new instances and administering them easier.
CRM projects often start identical, but grow into a customized solution for one company (even you’d start out from a standard SaaS like ZohoCRM).
So the benefits of having a SaaS like SuiteCRM are ok at the beginning, but the more the CRM grows or merges with the processes and culture of the organization, the less these processes and architecture have in common with other CRM implementations.

Thank you so much for the response.
Additionally, I would like to ask is there any good option available using Node.js environment, any open source tool or framework where I can build a CRM like I mentioned above.

Thanks in advance

With SuiteCRM, I would not advise trying a multi-tenant system, the architecture is not meant for that.

However, it’s free and easy to set-up multiple SuiteCRM, one for each client, and so your problem would turn into a different set of concerns:

  • have good automated deployment systems
  • good ways to deploy code with customizations etc

Many people do this with SuiteCRM.

Okay, thank you for your response.
Can you recommend me some other open source framework or platform to build a CRM like this mentioned above, which covers all aspects and features that I want in my CRM ?

Also, please take into account that I am a Node.js developer, i.e. if open source platform or framework is Node based then it would be very easy for me to develop this CRM. Anyways, recommend any technology based open source platform or framework available and suitable.

Sorry, I don’t have much knowledge of CRM’s beyond SuiteCRM.

I would say there is none that compares in terms of being full featured, self hosted, and completely free. But there are certainly many alternatives where you give up one.of these things and aim for other features that you value more.

I would agree with pgr. I have done an OpenShift containerized implementation of SuiteCRM that can be fully scripted etc. I have done a lot of thinking about how to do exactly what you describe, and my clients have expressed some interest in running a multi-tenancy. However once complete, it became clear that it would just be easier to roll out a instance for each customer instead of trying to split an instance between them.