SuiteCRM for SaaS

Friends, tell me please advice, documentation!

Where to start before installing on a SuiteCRM server: GitHub - salesagility/SuiteCRM: SuiteCRM - Open source CRM for the world - so that you can create a SaaS-type project?

I want to make it so that several companies can get a separate account, where the company account is limited by the number of its employees, for example: Company #1 - it has 10 employees; Company #2 - it has 5 employees, etc.

So that in the end, you don’t have to install several databases and copies of SuiteCRM on one server, but there is only one SuiteCRM database.

Thank you.

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I don’t know if my scenario is anything like yours, but for the typical situation with one company running several different (and not communicated) sub-companies, I put everything in one instance of SuiteCRM, and hide each sub-company from the others using SecuritySuite settings (the security permissions system that comes with SuiteCRM).

The top managers see everything, the local managers and employees see only their records.

If this is about mixing four different “sub-companies” within a single SuiteCRM installation, I did it simply based on Security Groups permissions. I wouldn’t do it like this if they were really separate companies, I just did it because it’s four schools owned by the same people. They don’t need to see each other’s data, but they’re also not complete strangers.

The reason to be hesitant about mixing different companies is that it is too easy to leak data from one to the other. The system is not built for this, you’d have to be very careful to ensure the security permissions and views were all well separated, and this is complex, dynamic, and hard to verify.

Hello. Thanks for the invite and great comment!

I’ll add a little to my question.

  1. By SaaS, I mean when individual companies register accounts for themselves separately, user accounts (employees of the company) are created in each individual account.


Company №1 - Login “company-one”: this is a separate account. So, the Administrator of “Company No. 1” adds his users (employees) to it: John, Silvia, Alex, Tina …

Company No. 2 - Login “company-second”: this is also a separate account and there are already other employees in it: Robert, Elizabeth, Jean-Louis, Isabelle …

  • As you can see, I would like all this to work in one instance of SuiteCRM.

Now the most difficult thing I’m scratching my head over now, maybe you can tell.

  1. I want to integrate SuiteCRM with my ERP, but not just through the API. And, make one database between them so that all accounts of all companies and their users (employees) with access rights are stored in it.

  2. The user logs in and can immediately work in SuiteCRM and / or ERP, without having to log in twice.

  • Maybe someone is familiar with almost ready-made solutions, for example, various administrative panels?

Thank you.

I really don’t advise trying that sort of SaaS with SuiteCRM. The system is too complex to change without a lot of expert knowledge, and you would be left in a situation where you couldn’t really ensure security across different company accounts.

Much better to spend your efforts automating deployment (in docker for example) so that you can very easily spin up a new company, but in a separate container, and separate SuiteCRM.

About integrating with ERP (with single sign-on as you describe) it’s certainly possible but that level of integration also requires a complex project.