Custom Dashboard Layout

Is there a way to make the below dashboard view possible?
I am running Version 7.11.2

I found the idea from this post here layout Home
but it seems that is from 2015 and it does not apply anymore since I have followed the instructions but it don’t work.

First, please note that theme structure have changed. SuiteCRM uses SuiteP theme now.

Now regarding your question, I think is possible to do it but you need to modify the proper files.

First make a copy of /themes/SuiteP into custom/themes/SuiteP

Then take a look to file /tpls/Home.tpl

Thank you @BrozTechnologies i did this but nothing happens. I believe my current SuiteCRM theme has something that will not even allow me to have to dashlets side by side. I can only have 1.

I have also installed a stock SuiteCRM and that one allows me to have at least 2.

Can I contact you somewhere else maybe you can help in another way?

@azavant I’ll would love to help you. Unfortunately I never modified worked on that type of modifications. As pgr pointed out on this post, the UI interacts with the back end and changes will brake the functionality of it.

Anyway, my information is on my profile (just click on my icon) if you want.