Create Static Page in SuiteCRM 8

I want to create a Static Page just like in the About page in Suitecrm 8.

In SuiteCRM 7 I could create an custom entry point but in SuiteCRM 8 I dont know how to access it anymore.

Hi @bkm,

In order to achieve that the first this is to setup a front end extension

1. Create a new view component

Create a regular angular component in within your extension. Something like <suite-8-path>/extensions/<extension-name>/app/src/views/<my-view>/components

This component does not need anything special, can be a regular component

2. Register your new component on the router

On your extension module register a new route to your new component. Its the same as the regular angular route configuration.

export class ExtensionModule {
        protected router: Router
    ) {
        const routes = this.router.config;
            path: '<your/path>',
            component:  <YourComponent>,
            canActivate: [AuthGuard],
            runGuardsAndResolvers: 'always',
            resolve: {
                metadata: BaseMetadataResolver