Connector with Google (Contacts & Calendar)

Hi there,

For me a vey important feature would be a connector with Google to sync contacts and appoitments/meetings (SuiteCRM to Google and vice versa).

For many packages I find on the Internet (such as SugarApps) I have to provide my GMail account details to the package provider. Of course I don’t want to do that.

Is this functionality something that will be released soon in SuiteCRM, or any idea’s/suggestions where I can get this. If it is already in the current version of SuiteCRM than my appologies for not finding it.


I second this request in order to make Suite / Sugar functional for our organization. I have come across this: which am considering, but I’m having a hard time understanding why email / calendar integration isn’t a standard feature using such a well-documented API system.

There are many modules already released for SugarCRM which have this functionality, such as the one you have mentioned, which are very easy to install and configure with SuiteCRM.

OK, I know. Just looking for connectors where:

  • My SuiteCRM installation connects directly to Google, and no requirement to provide my Google login details to a third party.[/li]
  • The fee is One Off , or FOC :wink: I am not looking for subscriptions![/li]

Any suggestions/recommendations?


Definitely add this to the Suite… there are alot of excellent addons and such for gmail to gather information and make our contacts more richly populated and it would be simple to use the API to communicate those changes to SuiteCRM and vice versa. If there is any sort of email, contacts, calendar sync in the works it should definitely start with Google!

And like Derk said, a one time fee (not $500) and not a subscription and not a 3rd party website. Most of the integrations I have found are expensive, no trials or just don’t work or are not updated as of 2010. SuiteCRM is open, an addon such as this should be open and not through a third party website. A $50 one time fee would even be reasonable, but not $500 or even $500 a month as one of the options states! Any updates on this Will? Version 7.1 maybe? :wink:

Likewise, this would be an excellent addition…

Hi guys,

Google integration with meetings/calendars/email will be coming in future releases of SuiteCRM.




Nice, I get the impression that at some point, Suite and Sugar will no longer be compatible, is that likely at all?

Good stuff Will!!! Looking forward to it!

Thnx, Derk

SuiteCRM appears not to work with GSync - I have a ticket in with them.

Any thoughts on good working plugins that support sync between google and suitecrm?

Any further news on including as standard?

There are many SuiteCRM and GSync users so the developers should be able to help you out. I’ll keep an eye on your case. Did you check the troubleshooting and FAQs docs? Also, any additional information on what isn’t working, anything found in the sugarcrm.log, any error messages that you see, etc would be very beneficial.

Jason Eggers

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Will, can you give us an update on timelines for integration with Google Apps? I’m particularly interested in integrating emails and contacts.

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