Change the field when i convert prospect

Hi !

I want to add fields in the lead conversion page but i don’t know where is on the studio mod.

I think i can’t with the studio but if you know how i can make this change tell me please.

I need yours help :wink:

Thanks !

Do you really need the new fields on the conversion page, to be filled during conversion?

Can’t you simply have them on the initial Prospect record, and have them copied to the converted record?

This would be much easier to achieve.

Indeed I have to add fields because I want to ask for little information about the company when he adds a prospect but ask for additional information when he wants to convert it.

We want the addition of prospects to be fast however when they are converted they must provide additional information.

Thank you for your help.

Still, I would try adding those fields on the original Prospect record as custom fields.

Tell your users to fill them before converting.

Then if you have custom fields in the destination record (I don’t know what you’re converting to? Accounts? Contacts?) if the fields have the same name exactly, they will be copied during conversion.

This is much easier than changing the PHP code in the conversion screens (which is your only alternative).