Change site_url but all links in search results are wrong

I had to change the CRM url from to
For this I already changed the site_url in config.php.

If users are using the search bar all links are still to the .cloud domain instead of the new .com domain. I also saw that in the user profiles there are the “URL” field with is still with .cloud.

Therefore I can’t client on edit after I searched something…

What is wrong here?

Do quick repair and rebuild and also check your .htaccess file.

Do remember to check your config_override.php for the site_url parameter as wel


looks like I found it. the .htaccess file was fine.

In public/legacy/config_overrides.php adding the following lines

$sugar_config['site_url'] = 'YOUR_SITE_URL';
$sugar_config['host_name'] = 'YOUR_SITE_HOSTNAME';

did the trick.