CalDAV, CardDAV support as a client and server.

it would be very nice to have integrated CalDAV, CardDAV support as a client AND server so we would be able to integrate SuiteCRM with tons of other software.


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Hi Kostov,

Thank you for your suggestion.



Yes, this would be a welcome feature especially for external teams that are working from mobile devices and need to sync multiple calendars.

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Bump. This would be even better than the current iCal integration. Since you’ve got it on the roadmap to replace the built-in webmail client anyways, you could do worse than replacing both with RoundCube Mail and it’s calendaring!

While I was using SugarCRM I used a module written by Opacus for Ical, this module is still working as the base code of SuiteCRM is based on SugarCRM 6.5.20

I have been asking the Opacus people on their forums what their intention is, i.e. to support SuiteCRM as well - I have not received any response other then "it is working for the current SuiteCRM. Neither have I received any response for my other questions … but their response to questions isn’t to good anyway.

Therefore, I have been doing some research on how to go about this and write it myself … and it is really not that tricky - it probably would take me a day to get this going. The module I am currently using basically uses two GNU based utilities (iCalCreator and Sabre) that use GNU for a license to make up the core functionality (connector and Ical).

There is also some code floating about for SugarCRM that are “left behind” …

I agree, ICAL support should NOT be a module but core functionality.


I definitely agree with CalDAV and CardDAV support being built in.

You could go with Google Integration or Exchange, but when they change something, a fix is needed. Open standards like CalDAV and CardDAV are less likely to change enough to break the link.

I recommend you talk to the boys over at OwnCloud. They have modules for CalDAV and CardDAV built into their solution. IF you could link the two system user rights with LDAP or something, you would have user creation syncing with Storage, Calendar, Contacts and CRM. And if its using LDAP, you can also add Email (Postfix) user access to that list.

Now that would be something!

Hi Jobst - if a few folk here were willing to pay you for your time to develop this: is that something you’d be able to find time for in your schedule?

And would you be happy to open source it ( drop the solution to the SuiteCRM guys so they could integrate it next release - or have it as a plugin listed on the site here etc)

+1, this would be great integration.

Are you working on creating CalDAV integration? Would you make suiteCRM the server or client?


CalDAV and/or CardDAV would be neat.
Opacus Sugar Activity Sync is a SabreDAV integration for SugarCRM that is working with SuiteCRM too.
As far as I understand it is open source, even though there is a yearly fee (99€ before, 299€ since Sugar Outfitters took it in) .

Native support would make a lot of hacks and workarounds obsolete, so you have my full support on this suggestion.

Is there really no way sync calendars yet? Ical is useless as it has to be manually updated. Anybody having a win with sync to google calendars?

I put my vote in for CardDAV and CalDAV integration. These two things would make SuiteCRM an awesome product to use with sales people and mobile phones. Right now, have to keep 4 different calandars synced 3 I can use CalDAV, Suite is the hold out.

CardDAV and CalDAV integration would be great to support open standards,

This gets my vote too! I have a lot of contacts on my mobiles and it would be great if I can just import them all.

:unsure: I see this suggestion goes back 2 years, is anything actually busy happening?

I did a hackish sabredav ( ) server for sugar. It only syncs one way (sugar to outlook with outlookcaldavsynchronizer )
It was not that complicated, but is not in a real clean way (Reads meetings through SQL, not Sugar-API etc. )
Maybe i will open a github for it if get the ok of my company, and i see that it is clean enough … well or just as is, and then we will see what happens.

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I’d love CalDAV and CardDAV support but I bet it’s not high on the agenda as it would interfere with revenue generating through the sale of integration plugins.

I don’t think this is the main reason. Let us take the example of Implicit Outlook integration which is a great tool. It offers far more than calendar and contacts. They could offer a CalDAV CardDAV integration to make their product more valuable.

I need CalDAV CardDAV just to sync my calendar and contacts with other devices where I don’t need CRM. So I use Implicit Outlook integration to make SuiteCRM a complete solution for me (I work email centered) and additionally I use OutlookCalDavSynchronizer (a free tool) to have my calendar and contacts available on other devices. This combination is possible but anything else than an elegant solution.

Would you care to share your work? I’d like to extend it to include Events.

Would you care to share your work? I’d like to extend it to include Events.